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    I Paid Fiverr To Create A Dropshipping Business

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    I Paid Fiverr to Create a Dropshipping Business

    In my search for new ways to make money online, I stumbled upon an intriguing listing on Fiverr. A person claimed they could produce hundreds of video ads at an incredibly low price. This got me thinking: what if I used these videos to create a TikTok account, try to go viral, and then direct that traffic to a website where I could sell the products featured in the videos? It seemed like the ultimate money-making glitch. So, I decided to embark on a fun experiment. I hired someone on Fiverr to create the videos, build a website, and set up a one-product dropshipping store. The goal was to see if this could turn into a profitable venture.

    The Game Plan

    The plan was simple: hire a Fiverr seller to create a plethora of videos. I would then post these videos on a TikTok account in an attempt to go viral. The viral videos would drive traffic to my website, where I could sell the products featured in the videos. To ensure success, I needed a highly marketable product that already had a significant presence on TikTok. After conducting product research, I found a talking cactus toy that fit the criteria perfectly. It had already gone viral, and there was an abundance of existing content featuring the product on TikTok. This was crucial as I needed a substantial amount of content to work with.

    Step 1: Hiring a Fiverr Seller

    I found a Fiverr listing for $ 175 to create 100 videos. I contacted the seller, provided the necessary details, and placed the order. The videos needed to be between 6 to 20 seconds in length. While waiting for the videos to be delivered, I focused on warming up my TikTok account. I created an account for the specific product I was selling and spent time engaging with other users on the platform. Liking posts, following people, and showing genuine activity was essential to establish credibility and increase the chances of going viral.

    Step 2: Posting Videos on TikTok

    When the videos were ready, I started posting them on my TikTok account. I aimed to upload a new video every 5 to 10 minutes throughout the day. I also responded to comments and directed viewers to my website whenever possible. The initial results were promising. Within a few days, I gained around 164 followers and saw one video reach over 53,000 views. Encouraged by these numbers, I continued posting videos and engaging with the TikTok community.

    Step 3: Running TikTok Ads

    To further boost my reach, I decided to run TikTok ads. I set up the ads to start running at 3 AM and hoped for the best. Sadly, the ads did not perform as expected. I only generated three clicks after spending around $ 20. The low-quality video ad I received from the Fiverr seller might have contributed to the lackluster results. Nevertheless, the ads did not deter me from continuing the challenge.

    Results and Final Thoughts

    In terms of sales, I made about $ 46 on this dropshipping store. While it fell short of my expectations, it's important to note that not every venture will be wildly successful. Despite the challenges and the limited profit, I still consider this experiment worthwhile. It shed light on the potential pitfalls of using stolen videos and clarified the importance of creating original and engaging content. Dropshipping remains a viable business model, and with the right approach, it can lead to significant profits.


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    Q: Did the TikTok account go viral?

    A: While the TikTok account amassed a decent following and garnered significant views on some videos, it did not achieve viral status. However, the experiment demonstrated the potential for organic growth on TikTok with engaging content.

    Q: How much money did the dropshipping store generate?

    A: The dropshipping store made approximately $ 46 in sales. Although it fell short of expectations, it provided valuable insights into the challenges of the dropshipping model and the importance of original content.

    Q: Are TikTok ads effective for dropshipping businesses?

    A: In this specific case, running TikTok ads did not yield significant results. However, the quality of the ad video used may have played a role in its lackluster performance. TikTok ads can be effective when combined with compelling content and an appealing product.

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