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    I Posted 300 YouTube Shorts in 30 Days on a Brand New Channel | Here are the Results

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    I Posted 300 YouTube Shorts in 30 Days on a Brand New Channel | Here are the Results

    I embarked on a challenge to create and upload 300 YouTube shorts on a new channel within 30 days to test the impact of quantity versus quality. This article delves into the process, results, and insights gained from this experiment.

    In a recent video, I demonstrated how I efficiently generated content for the shorts using AI tools like ChatGPT and Canva. By organizing text into a Google Sheet, creating engaging titles, and leveraging YouTube's music feature, I successfully uploaded 300 shorts in just 30 minutes each day.

    The outcomes of this experiment were noteworthy. Over the 30-day period, the shorts garnered 131,000 views, 3,600 likes, and 318 subscribers. Despite minimal optimization efforts, the engagement was impressive. Analyzing the data revealed patterns in viewer responses, indicating that certain video elements like background style could influence popularity.

    While rapid wealth accumulation through ad revenue may not be achievable with this content format, organic channel growth and milestone achievements, such as attaining 1,000 subscribers for monetization, are feasible. Moreover, leveraging affiliate marketing by promoting relevant products to the shorts' audience could open up monetization opportunities.

    In conclusion, the experiment highlighted the potential of efficiently creating and sharing engaging content, the power of AI tools in content generation, and the avenues for monetization through YouTube shorts.


    YouTube shorts, AI tools, content creation, engagement metrics, organic growth, monetization, affiliate marketing, viewer retention, optimization strategies


    1. Can creating a large volume of YouTube shorts quickly lead to significant engagement and growth?

      • The experiment showed that consistently uploading shorts can garner views, likes, and subscribers, showcasing potential for channel development.
    2. How important is optimization in increasing viewership for YouTube shorts?

      • While minimal optimization was done in this experiment, investing time in crafting engaging titles and analyzing viewer responses could enhance performance.
    3. What are the monetization opportunities for YouTube shorts creators?

      • Aside from ad revenue, creators can explore affiliate marketing by promoting products relevant to their audience and earning commissions through sales.

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