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    I Rigged the TikTok Algorithm

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    I Rigged the TikTok Algorithm

    Last year, I set out on a mission to become the first person to gain a hundred thousand TikTok followers in just one week, starting from zero and without any prior fame. To achieve this goal, I meticulously planned my approach, creating 20 of my best TikToks over a month and posting three a day for seven consecutive days. However, as January 2021 was not a peak month for app usage, I needed to implement additional strategies to keep viewers engaged. I cleverly hinted at the next video at the end of each post, as well as incorporated popular TikTok dances by using trending songs with the volume muted. Despite my efforts paying off and rapidly gaining followers, my account eventually came under review for growing too quickly. After waiting for the review to pass, I mass uploaded content the next day and successfully reached a hundred thousand followers by the end of the week. Despite this achievement, the reception was not as expected, and my follower growth stalled in the following year.


    TikTok Algorithm, Follower Growth, Strategic Posting, Engagement Tactics, Review Process


    1. How did the individual plan to gain a hundred thousand TikTok followers in one week?
    • The individual meticulously created 20 TikToks over a month and posted them strategically over a week, implementing engagement tactics to keep viewers interested.
    1. What strategies did the individual use to maintain viewer engagement during the week-long posting spree?
    • The individual hinted at the next video at the end of each post and incorporated popular TikTok dances with the volume muted to align with trending content on the platform.
    1. Why did the individual's TikTok account come under review during the rapid follower growth phase?
    • The account was flagged for growing too quickly, prompting a review process to ensure that the follower growth was organic and compliant with TikTok's algorithms and guidelines.

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