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    I Rigged the TikTok Algorithm To Make Me Go Viral

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    I Rigged the TikTok Algorithm To Make Me Go Viral

    In a recent video experiment, I set out to understand and manipulate the TikTok algorithm to gain a massive following in just one week. Armed with my findings from analyzing 10,000 TikToks, I implemented strategies including utilizing famous sounds, testing the impact of hashtags, and creating unique content that deviated from popular trends. Here's a breakdown of my experiment and what I learned about the TikTok algorithm.

    Experiment Details

    Over the course of seven days, I posted 20 TikToks, gradually shifting from tech-related content to algorithm-focused videos. Each day, I conducted controlled experiments by posting a plain video without hashtags or music, followed by an experiment video with hashtags and famous sounds in the background (albeit muted). This allowed me to test the effectiveness of hashtags and the impact of incorporating famous sounds.

    The Power of the TikTok Algorithm

    TikTok is much more than just a social media platform; it is powered by a sophisticated algorithm that dictates content consumption for its one billion users. Unlike other social media platforms with various sections for algorithm-driven recommendations, TikTok's algorithm operates solely through the "For You" page. This single focus grants the algorithm immense control over users' experiences, shaping their thoughts and beliefs to a significant extent.

    Initial Observations

    Within four days, I already gained 71,000 followers and 1.3 million likes, far surpassing my expectations. I noticed that videos featuring famous sounds in the background significantly outperformed those without, garnering an average of 237,100 likes. In contrast, videos without famous sounds averaged a mere 840 likes. Hashtags, however, did not seem to have a significant impact on video performance, aligning with my previous findings.

    Lessons Learned

    Throughout the experiment, I realized that individual videos matter more to the algorithm than series. TikTok's algorithm prefers content that can stand alone and engage viewers, even without prior context. Moreover, I discovered that the algorithm favors unique content that deviates from popular trends. By adopting a distinct approach and igniting conversation around controversial Apple rumors, I attracted the algorithm's attention and witnessed substantial growth.

    Reevaluating Strategy

    As my account continued to grow, I encountered occasional obstacles, such as video reviews and takedowns that suspected inauthentic activity due to my rapid rise. Nonetheless, these concerns were eventually addressed, allowing me to maintain momentum. Along the way, I adjusted my content to align more closely with the algorithm's preferences, shifting towards topics that generated discussion and engagement.

    Final Results and Insights

    Ultimately, I succeeded in reaching the coveted milestone of 100,000 followers within the experiment timeframe. By being different and offering unique content in a platform saturated with trends, I capitalized on the algorithm's appetite for novelty. As the algorithm continuously seeks to retain users and provide fresh content, originality becomes a key factor in maximizing exposure.


    TikTok algorithm, viral growth, famous sounds, hashtags, unique content, trends, controversy, engagement, user preferences


    1. Does using hashtags significantly affect the performance of TikTok videos? While hashtags can be used in TikTok videos, my experiment showed that they had minimal impact on video performance. The algorithm focuses more on unique content and engagement rather than hashtag usage.

    2. Why did using famous sounds in the background improve the reach of videos? Incorporating famous sounds, even if muted, tricks the TikTok algorithm into associating the video with a popular audio clip. This boosts the video's chances of being recommended to a wider audience.

    3. Is it necessary to follow TikTok trends to go viral? No, adhering to trends is not a prerequisite for viral success on TikTok. In fact, offering fresh, unique content that stands out from the crowd can capture the algorithm's attention and garner significant engagement.

    4. How important is engagement in TikTok's algorithm? Engagement, including comments, likes, and shares, plays a crucial role in the TikTok algorithm. Generating conversation and stimulating user interaction can significantly improve a video's reach and chances of going viral.

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