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    I Secretly Rigged The TikTok Algorithm To Go Viral FAST

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    I Secretly Rigged The TikTok Algorithm To Go Viral FAST

    Have you ever wondered how to go viral on TikTok quickly, especially if you're a small account? In this article, the author reveals secret tricks to boost your TikTok presence, avoid common mistakes, and ultimately gain more views, followers, and potentially more income. From copying the top-performing videos in your niche to leveraging trending music and applying controversial strategies, the author shares unconventional tactics for TikTok success.


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    1. How can I go viral on TikTok as a new creator?
    The author suggests copying the top-performing videos in your niche, leveraging trending music, and using controversial strategies to spark engagement.

    2. Is it ethical to copy viral video scripts on TikTok?
    While the author acknowledges the practice, they also highlight the importance of adding your unique twist to copied content to maintain authenticity.

    3. How can I boost viewer engagement on TikTok?
    Creating controversial content, using trending music, and applying fast-paced editing techniques are recommended to keep viewers hooked and boost engagement.

    4. What are some additional strategies to increase video performance on TikTok?
    Utilizing the loop ending trick, encouraging viewers to follow for part two, and reposting old viral videos are mentioned as strategies to enhance the chances of a video going viral on TikTok.

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