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    I Started A TikTok Theme Page From Scratch (5 Day Results Inside - Episode 1)

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    I Started A TikTok Theme Page From Scratch (5 Day Results Inside - Episode 1)

    Video Script Rewritten as an Article

    Note: This article is a transcription of the video script titled "I Started A TikTok Theme Page From Scratch (5 Day Results Inside - Episode 1)" from a YouTube channel. The script has been edited and reformatted to fit the article format.


    The TikTok Creativity Program has been gaining a lot of attention lately as a way to make money. I decided to create a TikTok theme page from scratch and document my journey on YouTube. In this series, I aim to reach 50,000 followers and make at least $ 500 through the Creativity Program.

    Step 1: Pick a Niche

    To make money with the TikTok Creativity Program, it's important to choose a niche. I explored different options such as streamers, Reddit stories, conspiracy theories, and motivational pages. After considering various factors, I decided to focus on the motivational niche.

    Step 2: Create a Name and Logo

    Having a catchy and memorable name is essential for a TikTok theme page. I used AI-generated suggestions and came up with "Motivation Motive." However, since the name was already taken, I added an underscore and created "The Motivation Motive" as the page name. I also created a logo using a stock image that conveyed motivation.

    Step 3: Set Up the Profile

    To make the page look more professional, I added a bio and a clear description of what followers can expect from the page. I also included a call-to-action for users to join the community and positioned the page as a source of daily motivational videos.

    Step 4: Start Creating Content

    To attract followers, it's important to post engaging content consistently. I focused on creating motivational videos featuring well-known speakers like David Goggins, chopped up with inspiring music. I used YouTube transcripts to find impactful moments and edited them in CapCut.

    Progress Update

    In just five days, my page grew to 12,000 followers, mainly due to one viral video. This rapid growth validates the concept that one viral video can help you gain followers quickly. I applied for the TikTok Creativity Program, and in the next episode, I will share the results and discuss the potential earnings.


    • TikTok theme page
    • Motivational niche
    • TikTok Creativity Program
    • Viral video
    • Followers growth


    1. How long did it take to reach 12,000 followers? Within five days, the TikTok theme page gained 12,000 followers, largely due to a viral video.

    2. Which niche did you choose for the page? The chosen niche for the TikTok page is motivation, as it showed potential for higher CPM and aligns with the creator's interests and experience.

    3. What is the key to gaining followers quickly? Creating engaging content consistently and potentially having one viral video can accelerate follower growth on TikTok theme pages.

    4. How did the creator choose the name and logo? The creator used AI-generated suggestions and settled on "The Motivation Motive" as the page name. A stock image was used to create a logo that represented motivation.

    5. What are the goals of the series? The series aims to reach 50,000 followers and make at least $ 500 through the TikTok Creativity Program.

    6. Can the creator promote the page on other platforms? No, the creator decided not to self-promote the page on other platforms in alignment with the rules of the series.

    7. What kind of content is being created for the page? The page primarily features motivational videos with renowned speakers, edited with inspiring music. Content is sourced from YouTube transcripts and edited using CapCut.

    Note: The content of the FAQs is generated based on the information provided in the article.

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