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    I TRIED to become FAMOUS on Chinese TIKTOK for A WEEK and THIS is what happened...

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    I TRIED to Become FAMOUS on Chinese TIKTOK for A WEEK and THIS is What Happened...


    In this article, I will share my experience of trying to become famous on Chinese TikTok, known as Douyin, for a week. I was inspired by my obsession with TikTok and the discovery that China has its own exclusive version of the app. With a population of 1.39 billion and over 400 million daily active users on Douyin, I saw it as a challenge to try and gain fame on this platform.

    The Challenge Begins

    To start, I enlisted the help of my friend Sanders, who had already gained some popularity on Douyin. He provided me with insights and advice on how to navigate the platform. I then downloaded the Chinese app store and successfully installed Douyin.

    The Differences between TikTok and Douyin

    I discovered that while TikTok and Douyin have similar features and functions, their user profiles and content are quite different. However, the popular trends and challenges from TikTok also make their way to Douyin.

    My First Videos on Douyin

    For my first video, I introduced myself in Chinese and explained my intentions of showcasing how great China is to the world. I received a few followers and likes, but nothing significant.

    Catfishing with a Famous Relative

    In an attempt to gain more attention, I decided to create a fake story about being related to Harry Styles and used editing techniques to make it seem like I had video calls with him. I even manipulated photos and used famous Harry Styles-related events as proof. This video gained a lot of views and followers, and even though some people started to question its authenticity, it still generated a lot of engagement.

    Gaining Momentum

    As the days went on, I continued to create content on Douyin, including dances, skits, and even asking for followers. My follower count started to increase rapidly, and some of my videos went viral, gaining hundreds of thousands of views.

    Reflections on Douyin

    After a week of using Douyin, I gained a total of 16,600 followers and my videos accumulated a combined total of 1.9 million views. I found that Douyin was relatively easier to gain followers compared to TikTok, and the engagement on the platform was impressive.


    Douyin, TikTok, China, app, followers, fame, challenge, video, views, catfishing


    1. Q: What is Douyin? A: Douyin is the Chinese version of the popular app TikTok.

    2. Q: How did you gain followers on Douyin? A: I used various strategies like creating engaging content, participating in popular trends, and even catfishing with a fake story about being related to Harry Styles.

    3. Q: Did you find it easier to get famous on Douyin compared to TikTok? A: Yes, I found that gaining followers on Douyin was relatively easier compared to TikTok.

    4. Q: Were the views and engagement on Douyin significant? A: Yes, some of my videos gained hundreds of thousands of views and generated a lot of engagement in the form of likes and comments.

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