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    I Tested VIRAL TikTok Life Hacks to see if they work 3

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    I Tested VIRAL TikTok Life Hacks to see if they work

    Have you ever come across those viral TikTok life hacks that claim to make your life easier? Well, I decided to put some of these hacks to the test to see if they actually work. From unlocking an iPhone with tape to resealing a toothpaste tube, I tried out various hacks and documented the results. Here's what I found:

    Thumbprint Hack for iPhone Unlocking

    One popular TikTok hack claimed that you can unlock an iPhone using the thumbprint even if you have Face ID enabled. The hack involved placing a piece of tape over the touchpad and using the thumbprint to unlock the phone. However, when I tried this hack, it didn't work for me. It seems like this hack may not be as reliable as it claims.

    Escape from Rope Trick

    Another hack I tested involved escaping from a rope. The hack showed a person tying their wrists with a rope and magically managing to escape by simply pulling the rope out from underneath. Unfortunately, when I attempted this trick, I couldn't figure out the secret behind it. It seems like this hack may require some special skills or techniques that I don't possess.

    Chocolate Bar Magic Trick

    One fun hack I tried was the chocolate bar magic trick. The hack demonstrated how you can cut a chocolate bar in half diagonally, remove one column of squares, and then put the bar back together to make it look as if nothing happened. I attempted this hack, but it didn't turn out as smooth as expected. The chocolate bar ended up looking a bit messy, and it was obvious that it had been tampered with.

    Reusing a Lotion Tube

    One practical hack I tested was resealing a lotion tube to make it almost new again. The hack suggested cutting off the end of the tube, placing parchment paper over it, and using a flat iron to seal it shut. This hack actually worked for me, and I was able to reseal the tube effectively. It's a handy trick if you want to reuse a lotion tube that was difficult to squeeze or had a broken cap.

    Sushi Made with Ice Cube Tray

    Lastly, I attempted a hack that involved using an ice cube tray to make sushi. The hack showed how to fill each section of the tray with ingredients like rice, seaweed, and avocado, and then press them down to form sushi cubes. I followed the instructions and placed the tray in the fridge, but the result was a bit disappointing. The sushi cubes didn't hold together well and tended to fall apart when eaten.


    • TikTok life hacks
    • Testing viral hacks
    • iPhone thumbprint unlock
    • Rope escape trick
    • Chocolate bar magic trick
    • Lotion tube resealing hack
    • Sushi made with ice cube tray


    1. Do the iPhone thumbprint hacks actually work?

      • Based on my testing, the thumbprint hack to unlock an iPhone didn't work. It seems to be hit or miss and may not be reliable.
    2. Can you escape from a rope using the trick shown in the TikTok hack?

      • The rope escape trick requires specific techniques or skills that may not be easy to master. It didn't work for me, but with practice, it might be possible.
    3. Is the chocolate bar magic trick effective?

      • The chocolate bar magic trick didn't work perfectly for me. It may require some practice and attention to detail to make it look seamless.
    4. Can you reseal a lotion tube using a flat iron and parchment paper?

      • Yes, resealing a lotion tube using a flat iron and parchment paper can work effectively. It's a useful hack if you want to reuse a tube with a broken cap or difficult squeezing.
    5. Does the sushi made with an ice cube tray hold together well?

      • The sushi made with an ice cube tray didn't hold together well for me. The cubes tended to fall apart when eaten. Additional techniques or adjustments may be needed for better results.

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