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    I Tested an AI Video Generator (and it blew my mind)

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    I Tested an AI Video Generator (and it blew my mind)

    Have you ever wished you could create viral videos without putting in a lot of time and effort? Well, I recently discovered an AI tool that claims to do just that. It's called InVideo AI, and it can produce faceless viral videos in just seconds. All you have to do is enter an online prompt, and the AI does all the work for you - writing the script, finding the footage, recording the voiceover, and editing the videos. People are saying that this tool is changing the game of YouTube automation and allowing anyone to create and run YouTube channels that can generate thousands of dollars per month.

    Naturally, I was curious to see if this tool could really live up to the hype, so I decided to put it to the test. I wanted to see if I could create a money-making faceless YouTube channel using this tool. I came up with three tests to evaluate its capabilities.

    Test 1: Evergreen YouTube Video

    For the first test, I wanted to see if InVideo AI could create an evergreen YouTube video with the potential to get over a million views. I chose the health niche, specifically focusing on food and supplements. I found a popular faceless channel called Health Hacks, which had around 8,000 subscribers and was making up to $ 1,000 per month from advertisements alone. I decided to create a similar channel and put InVideo AI to work to create an engaging evergreen video about the benefits of sleeping with garlic under your pillow.

    Using InVideo AI, I provided a detailed prompt that included specific instructions about storytelling, visuals, narration, and pacing. After a minute or two, the AI produced a video with a catchy hook and a compelling narrative about the benefits of sleeping with garlic under the pillow. The video ended with a call to action, asking viewers to subscribe to the channel. I was impressed with the quality of the video and excited to see how it would perform.

    Test 2: Short Viral Video

    Next, I wanted to see if InVideo AI could create a short video with the potential to go viral. I looked at popular videos on the Health Hacks channel and found a video with over 300,000 views titled "How to Check if Your Turmeric is Real or Fake at Home." I used InVideo AI's YouTube Shorts template and provided a clear prompt to create a similar video about checking the authenticity of turmeric. The AI quickly generated a captivating 60-second video that informed viewers about the potential risks of fake turmeric and ended with a call to action, asking viewers to comment if their turmeric was real or fake. I made a few minor edits using the tool's built-in editor to enhance the video's impact. Overall, I was impressed with the AI's ability to create engaging short videos.

    Test 3: Trending News Video

    For the final test, I wanted to see if InVideo AI could create a video about a trending topic in the news. I turned to Google News and found that there were several articles discussing the potential risks of a weight loss drug. I knew this was a hot topic, so I utilized InVideo AI's "Recent Events" template and provided a link to an article discussing the issue. The AI analyzed the web page, summarized the information, and used it to create a video about the risks of weight loss drugs. I made some minor edits using the tool's editor to improve the video's introduction. The final result was a well-informed video that conveyed the potential dangers of these drugs. I was amazed at how InVideo AI could quickly produce a video about a trending news topic.


    InVideo AI exceeded my expectations in all three tests. It was able to create high-quality, engaging faceless videos that fit seamlessly into the health niche. The tool's ability to generate videos quickly and efficiently is truly mind-blowing. While it may not replace real human creators, it offers an efficient way to produce videos for niche markets and capitalize on trending topics.

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    Q: Is InVideo AI free to use? A: Yes, InVideo AI offers a free account option that allows users to create videos without watermarks. However, for enhanced features like removing watermarks and using the tool's stock images, a paid Plus account is required, starting at $ 20 per month.

    Q: Can InVideo AI replace real human creators? A: While InVideo AI is a powerful tool for creating faceless videos, it doesn't replace the creativity and unique perspectives that real human creators bring to YouTube. It is best used as a complementary tool for niche markets and trending topics.

    Q: Can I monetize my YouTube channel created using InVideo AI? A: Yes, you can monetize your YouTube channel by enabling advertisements and joining affiliate marketing programs. InVideo AI provides an opportunity to create engaging content that can drive traffic and conversions, potentially generating income through ads and affiliate marketing.

    Q: Can I customize the videos created by InVideo AI? A: Yes, InVideo AI offers an editing feature that allows users to make changes to the generated videos. You can edit the script, voiceover, and even replace stock footage with your own media or choose from the tool's stock library.

    Q: Are there any restrictions or limitations when using InVideo AI? A: While InVideo AI is a powerful tool, it's important to note that it can only generate videos based on the provided prompts and available resources. The tool is continuously being improved, and new features are being added, but as with any AI tool, it may have certain limitations. It's always best to review and edit the generated content to ensure it aligns with your goals and preferences.

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