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    I Tried 108 Free AI Tools. These Are The Best

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    I Tried 108 Free AI Tools. These Are The Best

    AI tools have become incredible and life-changing, but they can also come with a hefty price tag. However, there are free AI apps available that offer impressive features. After testing numerous free apps, I have compiled a list of my favorite 20 AI tools. These apps cover a wide range of purposes, from image search and editing to video creation and text generation.

    App 1: Immerse - Free AI Image Search Engine

    Immerse is an AI-powered image search engine that allows users to find similar but different royalty-free images. This is highly useful when creating personalized posters, for example, by searching for images on Etsy and finding similar ones to modify and sell.

    App 2: TuneTap - Free AI Cartoon Filter App

    TuneTap is a phone app that transforms photo portraits into stunning cartoons. It's not only a fun app but can also be helpful for YouTube thumbnails or other creative projects.

    App 3: - Free Watermark Remover App

    This app removes watermarks from images, enabling users to use them freely without any restrictions. It's a convenient tool for working with images downloaded from various platforms.

    App 4: Lumen5 - Free Text-to-Video Editor

    Lumen5 is an AI-powered video editing app that generates videos based on uploaded scripts and combines them with free stock footage. It allows for customization and offers the ability to create mobile or full-screen videos.

    App 5: Canva - Free AI Photo Editing App

    Canva is a popular app that offers various AI-powered photo editing features. With a simple click, users can transform their photos into different artistic styles, apply filters, enhance images, and even remove or replace objects using AI technology.

    App 6: - Free AI Background Remover specializes in removing backgrounds from images. While this feature is not available in Canva's free version, offers high-resolution image background removal without the need for registration.

    App 7: Clipchamp - Free Automatic Video Editor

    Clipchamp is a video editing app that provides an automatic video editor. Simply upload video files and choose the desired video type, and Clipchamp will create a video montage. It also offers background removal, video filters, and auto-generating captions.

    App 8: Character.AI - Free AI Chat App

    Character.AI is a chat app that allows users to interact with various characters, including celebrities. It can be used as a virtual assistant or even a free therapist.

    App 9: Stable Diffusion - Free AI Art App

    Stable Diffusion is a powerful AI art app that generates remarkable artwork. While its installation process may be complex, it offers impressive results. Alternatively, Blue Willow, which integrates into Discord, provides a similar experience with a simpler setup.

    App 10: Replicate - Free Image Upscaler

    Replicate is an AI-powered image upscaler that increases the resolution of images. It adds extra pixels intelligently, preserving quality and allowing for high-resolution printing.

    App 11: Brandcrowd - Free Brand Name Generator

    Finding the perfect brand name can be challenging, but Brandcrowd simplifies the process by generating names based on user-provided information or keywords.

    App 12: Bigspeak AI - Free Text-to-Speech App

    Bigspeak AI converts text into lifelike AI-generated voiceovers. It offers different voices and download options. While it has a character limit, other apps like Mech Monster provide alternative voices and shorter character limits.

    App 13: Deep AI - Free AI Image Restoration App

    Deep AI is an image restoration app that provides colorization for black and white photos. It works effortlessly and produces astonishing results. Other image restoration apps can also be explored for different coloring techniques.

    App 14: TinEye - Free Reverse Image Search Engine

    TinEye is an excellent reverse image search engine that allows users to find the original source or similar images. It's a valuable tool for tracking image usage and obtaining royalty-free alternatives.

    App 15: ChatGPT - Best Free Copywriter

    ChatGPT is a groundbreaking AI app that generates text on any given topic. While an upgraded version is available, the free version remains highly impressive and useful for a wide range of writing tasks.

    App 16: Fill out - Free AI Quiz Maker

    Fill out generates quizzes based on provided information. It's a valuable tool for teachers or businesses for lead generation. Customization options and widget integration enhance the user experience.

    App 17: AI Text Classifier - Free AI Checker

    AI Text Classifier effectively analyzes text and determines whether it was written by a human. It's accurate and helpful, particularly for content evaluation.

    App 18: Grammar Check - Free AI Proofreader

    Grammar Check is a user-friendly app that proofreads text for grammar and spelling errors. It also offers paraphrasing and summarizing tools, making it a versatile addition to the writing process.

    App 19: Let's Foodie - Free Recipe Generator

    Let's Foodie helps users create recipes based on available ingredients. It's an excellent resource for utilizing leftover food or finding innovative ways to prepare meals.

    App 20: Soundful - Free AI Music Generator

    Soundful is an AI music generator that creates personalized songs based on user-selected genres. It offers customization options, such as tempo adjustment and sound tweaking, making it an exciting tool for content creators.

    These 20 free AI tools cover various aspects of image editing, video creation, text generation, and more. They provide an opportunity to experience the capabilities of AI technology without the need for a subscription. Explore these apps and discover their potential for enhancing your creative endeavors.


    • AI image search engine
    • Cartoon filter app
    • Watermark remover
    • Text-to-video editor
    • AI photo editing app
    • AI background remover
    • Automatic video editor
    • AI chat app
    • AI art app
    • Image upscaler
    • Brand name generator
    • Text-to-speech app
    • AI image restoration app
    • Reverse image search engine
    • Copywriter
    • Quiz maker
    • AI checker
    • AI proofreader
    • Recipe generator
    • AI music generator


    1. Are these AI tools completely free?

      • Yes, all the mentioned apps offer free plans that provide access to their AI features without any cost.
    2. Can I use these AI-generated artworks or music commercially?

      • The licensing terms may vary for each app. It is recommended to review the terms and conditions of each app to determine commercial use restrictions.
    3. How accurate are the AI Checkers in detecting human-written text?

      • The AI Checkers have proven to be highly accurate in distinguishing human-written text from AI-generated text. However, their performance may vary depending on the complexity of the text.
    4. Are there any limitations or restrictions on the free versions of these apps?

      • Some apps have character or word limits, while others have additional features available only for paid subscribers. It is advisable to review the specific limitations and restrictions of each app.
    5. Can I use these AI tools on mobile devices?

      • Yes, many of these AI tools have mobile apps available for convenient usage on smartphones and tablets. However, not all apps may offer the same features and functionalities on mobile devices.
    6. Are there other AI tools available besides the ones listed in this article?

      • Yes, there are numerous AI tools available beyond the ones mentioned in this article. The mentioned apps were selected based on their free offerings and positive user experiences. Exploring additional tools can provide even more options based on individual preferences.

    These FAQs address common queries related to the featured AI tools. It's recommended to refer to the respective app's documentation for detailed information about their functionalities and usage guidelines.

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