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    I Tried 200 AI Tools, These are the Best

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    I Tried 200 AI Tools, These are the Best

    In my extensive exploration of AI tools, I have come across thousands of options customized for various use cases. While OpenAI's chatbot GPT is popular, it only scratches the surface of what AI technology can achieve. I want to highlight some of the most powerful, mind-blowing, and useful tools I have come across. Let's dive in!

    Mind-Blowing AI Tools

    While these tools are still in their early stages, they provide a glimpse into the future possibilities of AI.

    1. Nvidia: Nvidia offers several amazing AI products. One of the most fun to play with is "Canvas," which allows you to paint basic shapes and lines and create realistic landscapes using various materials. They also have "Nvidia Broadcast," which excels in audio and video enhancement, including background noise removal, echo cancellation, background replacement, and more. Their "Omniverse" is a suite of tools specifically designed for 3D artists, enabling real-time collaboration.

    2. VerSe: VerSe introduces the first text-to-space AI tool called "Versy." With this tool, you can start with a text prompt and generate an entire customizable virtual experience. You can connect different rooms and virtual spaces, add objects, and view them from any angle. This technology opens up possibilities for the future of the metaverse.

    3. Text-to-Video Generators: Meta and Google have developed impressive text-to-video generators, although they are not yet available to the public. Google's "Imagine" tool looks especially mind-blowing in terms of its capabilities, allowing you to create videos with various options and styles. In the meantime, tools like Kyber and Lupix offer the ability to generate cool videos with potential for improvement.

    4. Deep Fake Technologies: Deep fake technologies are advancing rapidly, with tools like Deep Nostalgia able to add animation to faces in photos, creating an uncanny effect. It's not farfetched to imagine uploading a photo in the future and generating a realistic video based on desired prompts and styles.

    Practical AI Tools

    Now let's explore some practical AI tools that have immediate value and utility.

    1. Cactus: Cactus is a tool that can assist with all sorts of schoolwork. Their AI writer quickly delivers essays, improves existing content, fixes grammar issues, formats according to AP style, and creates citations. While the tool has wholesome uses for studying, it's worth noting that students are already using AI to write their essays, and AI detectors aren't keeping up. Schools may have to adapt to these changing times.

    2. Wisd Doia: Wisd Doia is a remarkable tool for long-term learning. It creates flashcards on any website, allowing you to actively engage with the content you consume. By generating question and answer flashcards, it helps you retain information effectively. With their spaced repetition system, you can counter the forgetting curve and improve your memory.

    3. Creepy yet Interesting Tools: Tools like Rewind, PimEyes, and Lumi Labs may fall into the "creepy" category, but they showcase the versatility of AI applications. Rewind aims to give humans perfect memory by capturing everything you see, hear, or say. PimEyes uses facial recognition to find photos of you on the internet. Lumi Labs offers voice cloning, allowing you to recreate your voice based on recorded samples.


    Q: Are these AI tools freely accessible?
    A: Some tools have free plans, while others may require payment for advanced features or commercial usage.

    Q: Can these tools replace human creativity?
    A: AI tools are powerful assistants and can enhance creativity, but they are not meant to replace human creativity entirely. They provide new avenues for expression and productivity.

    Q: Are AI detectors effective in catching plagiarism?
    A: AI detectors are constantly evolving, but motivated individuals can still find ways to bypass them. It's an ongoing challenge for educators and institutions to adapt and stay ahead.

    Q: How do these AI tools impact the future of work and education?
    A: AI tools have the potential to revolutionize various industries, making tasks more efficient and accessible. In the field of education, these tools can assist in learning and knowledge retention, but they also pose challenges in ensuring academic integrity.

    Q: How can I start using AI tools?
    A: Many AI tools offer free trials or limited free plans. You can explore the ones mentioned in this article and delve deeper into specific areas that interest you.

    Q: What precautions should we take with AI tools?
    A: It's important to use AI tools responsibly and ethically. Understand the limitations and potential biases of the tools and ensure you comply with copyright laws and privacy regulations.


    With thousands of AI tools available, I have highlighted the most groundbreaking, practical, and interesting ones I discovered during my deep dive. From mind-blowing virtual experiences to AI-powered writing assistants, these tools have the potential to revolutionize various aspects of our lives. Embracing AI technology can enhance productivity, creativity, and learning, while also raising new questions and challenges for society to navigate in the future.

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