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    I Tried Affiliate Marketing For 48 Hours (FROM SCRATCH)

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    I Tried Affiliate Marketing For 48 Hours (FROM SCRATCH)

    Last week, I decided to test a side hustle - affiliate marketing - completely from scratch. Without leveraging my followers or audience, I gave myself only 48 hours to make money. Here's a summary of the challenge and the results:

    I chose to promote a software through an affiliate program, which resulted in earning just under $ 100 within the 48-hour timeframe. The process involved visiting a website called, browsing software categories, and selecting a product with no competition for running ads. Running Google ads for the selected software was the key strategy behind this challenge. If you want to dive deeper into the full challenge, you can watch the video on my YouTube channel under the username Chad Bartlett.

    Keyword: Affiliate marketing, side hustle, challenge, results, software promotion,, Google ads, YouTube channel.


    1. Can affiliate marketing be successful in a short time frame like 48 hours?
    2. What are the key steps involved in starting affiliate marketing from scratch?
    3. How important is selecting a product with no competition for affiliate marketing success?
    4. What role do platforms like play in affiliate marketing strategies?
    5. How can Google ads help promote affiliate products effectively?

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