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    I Tried It - 60 Ai Youtube Videos In 10 Minutes [$7,690 This Month]

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    I Tried It - 60 Ai YouTube Videos In 10 Minutes [$ 7,690 This Month]

    Disclaimer: The text below is a rewrite of a script from a video. The content has been modified and paraphrased for this article.

    In recent months, YouTube has been flooded with videos promising easy money by creating multiple YouTube shorts using AI technology. These videos claim to generate thousands of dollars in a short period of time with minimal effort. But is it really possible? As someone with experience in affiliate marketing and online video creation, I decided to delve deeper into this trend and explore the real potential of making money with AI-generated videos.

    Many of these videos boast earnings of up to $ 9,000 per month, showcasing screenshots from Social Blade as proof. However, it's important to note two crucial factors that are often overlooked in these claims. First, the success of an online business depends on having the right strategy. Starting off with the wrong strategy can lead to long-term struggles. Second, while these videos may seem impressive with high view counts, YouTube shorts do not generate significant revenue compared to longer videos.

    Upon researching and analyzing the abundance of AI-generated videos on YouTube, it became evident that the majority of these videos lacked valuable information and were often misleading. They promised to provide helpful content but failed to deliver, leaving viewers confused and skeptical about the legitimacy of YouTube as a source of reliable information.

    To truly make money with AI videos, a different approach is necessary. Here's a proven strategy that focuses on creating valuable content and leveraging AI technology to maximize profits:

    The Profit Strategy

    1. YouTube Monetization Partner Program: This program allows creators to earn money through ads displayed on their videos. However, the earnings are directly related to the niche market and targeted ads. Choosing a profitable niche, such as credit cards or mortgages, can significantly increase the revenue potential.

    2. Affiliate Offers and Own Programs: By promoting affiliate offers and products related to your content, you can earn commissions from sales generated through your unique links. Utilizing affiliate networks like ClickBank and OfferVault can provide a wide range of products to promote. Building your own programs or products also creates additional income opportunities.

    3. Building a Mailing List: Capturing leads and building a mailing list is crucial to long-term success. By offering valuable resources, such as free guides or e-books, you can attract subscribers who are interested in your content. This allows you to market to them directly and potentially generate more sales or engagement.

    By combining these three elements and implementing an effective AI-powered video creation process, you can create high-quality, valuable content that drives engagement and generates income.

    The AI Video Creation Process

    1. Find a Profitable Topic: Choose a niche market that has the potential to generate revenue. Use trigger words and keyword research tools to identify popular search queries and topics of interest.

    2. Create a Video Script Using AI: Utilize AI tools like Chat GPT to generate a video script based on the chosen topic and keyword. Prompt the AI to provide a 1,000-word video script and include a table with similar products or information.

    3. Add a Call-to-Action and Affiliate Offers: Include a call-to-action in the script, directing viewers to a specific offer or resource related to the topic. This could be an affiliate product, a free guide, or a website. Customize the script accordingly.

    4. Compile the Video Using AI Video Tools: Use video editing software like Camtasia or InVideo to compile the video. Incorporate the AI-generated script, audio files (recorded by yourself or using text-to-speech AI tools), and relevant visuals. Customize the video template to match the topic and create an engaging and visually appealing video.

    5. Optimize Thumbnails and Titles: Create compelling video thumbnails and titles using AI image tools or by outsourcing the design. Choose visuals that grab attention and accurately represent the video content. Customize the title by incorporating keywords and generating viral titles with the help of AI.

    6. Scale and Outsource: Once you have a templated process, consider outsourcing certain tasks to speed up production. Hire a video creator or utilize AI text-to-video tools to streamline the video creation process.

    By following this strategy and incorporating AI technology, you can create valuable YouTube videos that attract viewers, generate engagement, and ultimately lead to increased earnings.


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    Q1: Can I really make money by creating multiple YouTube shorts using AI?

    • While AI-generated videos may attract views, YouTube shorts do not generate significant revenue. To make money, it's crucial to focus on valuable content, targeted ads, affiliate offers, and building a mailing list.

    Q2: Do I have to create the videos myself, or can I outsource the process?

    • You can outsource certain tasks like video creation, scriptwriting, or even using AI text-to-video tools to streamline the process. However, it's important to have a human element in the content creation to ensure its quality and relevance.

    Q3: What are some profitable niches I can explore for creating AI videos?

    • Profitable niches can include credit cards, mortgages, product reviews, DIY projects, health and fitness, technology, and popular seasonal events like Black Friday. Conducting keyword research and understanding the market demand can help identify profitable topics.

    Q4: How can I make AI-generated videos more engaging and appealing to viewers?

    • Customizing video templates, creating compelling thumbnails, and utilizing visually captivating visuals can make AI-generated videos more engaging. Incorporate relevant information, provide valuable resources, and optimize titles to attract viewers' attention.

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