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    I Tried Making $500/Day Using These 12 Side Hustles

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    I Tried Making $ 500/Day Using These 12 Side Hustles

    So, a YouTuber named Joshua claimed in a video that you can earn $ 500 in a day just by using your phone. Skeptical of this claim, another individual decided to test Joshua's side hustles to see if they could actually make that amount in 24 hours. The test involved trying out various side hustles suggested by Joshua in the video. The individual offered to eat an onion and give away the money earned up until that point to a random commenter if they managed to make $ 500 in a day. The journey involved exploring side hustles like selling stool, stock photography, being a virtual friend, using cashback apps, and more.

    After trying out multiple side hustles, the individual made some money but fell short of the $ 500 goal. Eventually, they realized that it was possible to earn around $ 180 in a day through some of the side hustles that actually worked. The individual decided to give away $ 180 to a random viewer as promised. This experiment highlighted that while not all side hustles may work as claimed, there are some legitimate opportunities to make money if one is willing to put in the time and effort.


    YouTube, side hustles, earning money, phone apps, testing, challenges, cashback, stock photography, virtual friend, microtasks, online surveys, earning potential


    1. Can you really make $ 500 a day using side hustles as claimed by the YouTuber in the video?
    2. Which side hustles showed potential in helping the individual earn money within 24 hours?
    3. Did the individual manage to earn the $ 500 goal set for the challenge?
    4. What was the final amount earned through the various side hustles tested in the video?
    5. How did the individual decide to distribute the earnings made during the experiment?

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