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    I Tried Making $60.00/DAY Watching YouTube Shorts - Make Money Online

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    I Tried Making $ 60.00/DAY Watching YouTube Shorts - Make Money Online

    In the past, I was able to make decent money drop shipping products online. It provided me with enough income to finish my education, help my parents, and live a worry-free life without a traditional job. However, I recently discovered that there are many more ways to make money online that I had never considered before. Some of these methods even seemed easier than what I was doing previously.

    During my research, I stumbled upon a method that seemed too good to be true. Many YouTubers claimed that you could make $ 10 per 11 minutes just by watching YouTube shorts. That equates to roughly $ 54 per hour or $ 400 per day by watching YouTube shorts. The videos even promised that you could make $ 12,000 per month by simply watching these shorts. Intrigued, I decided to put this method to the test to see if it could surpass my previous income from drop shipping and digital products.

    After watching numerous videos on how to make money with YouTube shorts, I realized that it was not as straightforward as I initially thought. Instead of mindlessly watching videos, I had to follow specific steps. The method involved searching for popular videos on YouTube, copying the links, converting them to MP4 format, and downloading the thumbnails. Then, I would upload these videos to a platform called PepSpot, which claimed to offer more earning potential than YouTube.

    To put this method to the test, I created an account on PepSpot and started uploading videos. I aimed to upload at least 100 videos to see if this approach could generate any significant earnings. However, after uploading 13 videos, I decided that it was enough for the experiment. I wanted to see if I could make at least $ 60 by reaching 1,000 views on the videos.

    After two days of testing, I sadly report that the results were disappointing. I earned $ 0 from watching YouTube shorts on PepSpot. The lack of earnings can be attributed to the limited value and scale of this method. While some websites may have high visitor counts, the majority of users on PepSpot were from countries with less buying power, which affected the potential for earnings. Additionally, the value of reposting funny dog videos on PepSpot was low, and the scale was limited due to the platform's user base.

    In conclusion, my experiment with watching YouTube shorts on PepSpot did not yield any substantial income. The formula for making money online involves combining value and scale, and this particular method lacked both. While it may have been worth exploring further if the platform had a higher-value audience and greater scale, it did not align with my desired income goals.


    YouTube Shorts, make money online, Drop Shipping, digital products, value, scale, PepSpot


    1. Can you really make money watching YouTube shorts on PepSpot?
    • While some YouTubers claim that you can earn money by watching YouTube shorts on PepSpot, my personal experience did not yield any significant income.
    1. Why did you not earn money from this method?
    • The lack of earnings can be attributed to a combination of factors, including the low-value content being reposted and the limited scale of PepSpot's user base, consisting mainly of users from countries with less buying power.
    1. What is the formula for making money online?
    • The formula for making money online involves combining value and scale. Value refers to the worth or importance of a product or service, while scale refers to the extent or reach of that product or service. By increasing both value and scale, individuals can increase their earning potential.
    1. Are there other methods to make money online?
    • Yes, there are various methods to make money online, such as drop shipping, digital product creation, freelance work, affiliate marketing, and more. These methods often involve providing value and reaching a larger audience or customer base.

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