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    I Tried Making $800 in 4 Hours with Google Maps (To See If It Works)

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    I Tried Making $ 800 in 4 Hours with Google Maps (To See If It Works)

    In a recent challenge, my team challenged me to see if I could make at least $ 800 in just four hours, without using any of my existing skills. I had to come up with a business idea that anyone could use and execute quickly. After brainstorming various ideas, I decided to explore the potential of Google Maps and see if I could leverage it to make money.

    The Viability Check

    Before diving into the business idea, I wanted to ensure that it had enough potential for success. To do this, I used a free tool called Google Trends. This tool allowed me to gauge the demand and interest in a particular niche. By analyzing trends and comparing data over the past five years, I was able to determine if there was a consistent interest in the field. I discovered that using Google Maps to improve businesses' online presence, particularly through Google Business Profiles, had significant demand.

    The Plan: Helping Small Businesses with Google Maps

    With the viability of the business idea confirmed, I proceeded to execute my plan. I started by searching for small businesses on Google Maps, focusing on areas where I could communicate effectively in English. I looked for businesses with incomplete profiles, low reviews, limited information, and poor-quality pictures. These were the perfect opportunities for me to offer my services and help them boost their online presence.

    Making the Calls

    To reach out to these businesses, I made phone calls to introduce myself as a digital marketing agency called "Scale Studio." I explained that I was a Google-trained specialist with expertise in maximizing online presence on platforms like Google Maps. I offered my services to help their businesses rank higher in search results, gain more exposure, and attract more customers.

    Throughout the process, I faced some challenges. Many businesses hadn't claimed their Google Business Profiles, making it difficult to reach the owners directly. However, I persevered and managed to connect with several businesses. I secured follow-up calls with some, while others requested a free assessment of their current online presence.

    Expanding Opportunities through Fiverr

    Time was running out, and I needed to expedite the process to meet my $ 800 goal. As an alternative approach, I created a Fiverr profile, which allowed me to offer my services more widely. I browsed Fiverr for potential clients and focused on painters in Georgia. While this expanded my opportunities, it also highlighted that the success of these endeavors can vary, depending on the location, industry, and individual business.

    Results and Lessons Learned

    At the end of the four-hour challenge, I faced mixed results. I successfully sold services to two companies for $ 250 each and negotiated a deal with another for $ 200, making a total of $ 700. Though I fell short of my initial goal, I consider the experience a success since I was able to generate revenue within a limited timeframe without relying on my existing skills.

    Throughout the challenge, I learned the importance of adapting and pivoting when faced with obstacles. I also realized that success may be influenced by various factors such as the target industry, location, and the readiness of businesses to embrace digital marketing strategies.

    Ultimately, this experiment showcased the potential of leveraging platforms like Google Maps to help small businesses enhance their online presence and attract more customers. For those interested in replicating this endeavor, a downloadable guide will be available to provide step-by-step instructions on finding potential clients and delivering effective services.


    • $ 800 challenge
    • Google Maps for business
    • Google Business Profiles
    • Digital marketing for small businesses
    • Phone outreach
    • Fiverr freelancing


    Q: Can Google Maps be used to boost a business's online presence? A: Yes, by creating and optimizing a Google Business Profile, businesses can improve their visibility in search results and attract more customers.

    Q: What services did you offer to businesses through Google Maps? A: I provided services to help businesses rank higher in search results, enhance their online profiles, and gain more exposure on Google Maps.

    Q: How did you find potential clients for your services? A: I used Google Maps to search for small businesses with incomplete profiles, low reviews, and limited information. These businesses presented opportunities to offer my services and help them improve their online presence.

    Q: Did you face any challenges during the challenge? A: Yes, reaching business owners directly was a challenge as many had not claimed their Google Business Profiles. However, I managed to connect with several businesses and secure follow-up calls.

    Q: Did you meet your $ 800 goal within the given time frame? A: I fell short of the goal by generating $ 700 in revenue. However, considering the constraints and limitations of the challenge, I consider it a success.

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