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    I Tried Pictory AI's NEW AI Voice Generator to Create Faceless Videos

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    I Tried Pictory AI's NEW AI Voice Generator to Create Faceless Videos

    Word on the street is that Pictory AI has significantly improved its AI voice generator, offering premium voiceover options for social media videos. In this article, we will explore the new features of Pictory AI's voice generation tool and test it out with a script.

    Pictory AI now collaborates with 11 Labs to provide over 51 premium voices for users. The upgrade includes natural-sounding voices and various accents and ages to choose from. Users can generate voiceovers with just one click, making video creation much more efficient.

    As a professional user of Pictory AI, you can access 2 hours of voice generation per month at no additional cost. The platform's Black Friday sale offers a 50% discount on the Premium plan, making it a great opportunity to try out the new features.

    To find the best voice for your video, you can filter voices by accent, age, purpose, and gender. Whether you're creating an audiobook, ASMR content, or narration, Pictory AI's new voices offer a human-like quality that enhances your videos.

    If you're interested in exploring these new AI voice generator features, now is the time to take advantage of the Black Friday sale and upgrade to the Premium plan with the Creator 50 code.


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    1. Can Pictory AI's new AI voice generator create natural-sounding voiceovers?
    2. How can users access the premium voiceover options on Pictory AI?
    3. What filters are available to find the best voice for a video on Pictory AI?
    4. Is there a discount available for upgrading to the Premium plan during the Black Friday sale?
    5. What are some of the key features of Pictory AI's upgraded AI voice generator?

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