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    I Tried Shopify Dropshipping Using ONLY PINTEREST (LOW BUDGET)

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    4. I Tried Shopify Dropshipping Using ONLY PINTEREST (LOW BUDGET)

    Note: This article is a rewritten version of a video script. Please refer to the original video for the complete details.

    In this article, I will share my experience of trying Shopify dropshipping using only Pinterest as the advertising platform. I will provide an overview of the process, the results I achieved, and some tips for success. Please keep in mind that this method may not guarantee you instant success or high revenues, but it can be a reliable cash flow machine.

    Step 1: Finding the Product

    To start, I needed to find a product to sell. I came across a store that was running Pinterest ads for a certain product, and they seemed to be doing well. I validated the product's success by checking their website traffic using tools like SimilarWeb. Once I confirmed its potential, I decided to offer a better deal and create a winning offer.

    Step 2: Creating Ads and Setting up the Store

    Before setting up the store, I created several variations of ads for the product using content from different sources. I utilized TikTok to find videos featuring the product and edited them to make my own ads. I created three main versions: a viral-style ad, a sales-oriented ad, and a basic product showcase ad. These variations helped to target different audiences and keep the ads fresh.

    Next, I set up the Shopify store with a compelling offer. In this case, I offered a free consultation from a "beauty expert" (myself) as an added bonus. Although it may seem scammy, I didn't receive any complaints or requests for consultations. However, use such offers at your own discretion. I added product descriptions, images, and other relevant information to the store.

    Step 3: Running Pinterest Ads

    To run Pinterest ads, I installed the conversion tag or pixel on my website and waited for a few days to unlock the conversion campaign. Due to my previous ad account experience, I could optimize it for purchases right away. If you are starting fresh, you may need to wait and fulfill a few test orders before optimizing for purchases.

    I opted for a low budget strategy on Pinterest, with a budget of only $ 3 per campaign. I created multiple campaigns, targeting different interests and using different ads. These campaigns included broad targeting, interests related to beauty, anti-aging, and keywords relevant to the product. All campaigns were optimized for checkouts.

    It's important to note that Pinterest takes around three days to optimize campaigns, so generating immediate sales may be unlikely. However, once the optimization phase is complete, the campaigns can become more consistent in terms of generating sales.

    Results and Cash Flow

    In my case, I spent $ 650 on Pinterest ads over a span of 10 days and generated revenue of $ 2,000, resulting in a profit of $ 700. While these numbers may not seem extraordinary, it provided a reliable cash flow stream. Pinterest served as a cash flow machine to increase monthly revenue, which could then be reinvested into other advertising platforms such as Facebook or TikTok.

    Tips for Success on Pinterest

    Based on my experience, I recommend focusing on niche stores rather than one-product stores when utilizing Pinterest. Niche stores, especially in the fashion and beauty segment, tend to perform well. Posting organic content and utilizing Pinterest as a source of traffic can help boost sales. Additionally, regularly adding new products and keeping the store fresh can contribute to organic traffic growth.

    Keywords: Pinterest, Shopify dropshipping, cash flow, niche stores, fashion, beauty, organic traffic.


    Q: Can I run Pinterest ads if I am unable to optimize for purchases?

    A: To optimize for purchases on Pinterest, you need to have some sales on your website. If you are unable to optimize yet, try creating a few test orders on your store to trigger the optimization option.

    Q: How much budget should I allocate for Pinterest ads?

    A: Starting with a low budget, such as $ 3 per campaign, is recommended. Pinterest campaigns require a few days to optimize, so spending a large budget upfront may not yield immediate results.

    Q: Are niche stores more successful on Pinterest?

    A: Yes, niche stores, particularly those in fashion and beauty, tend to perform well on Pinterest. Organic content and regular updates can help attract more traffic and potential customers.

    Q: Is Pinterest a long-term cash flow machine?

    A: While Pinterest can provide a reliable cash flow stream, it may not yield high revenues or instant success. Consider reinvesting the generated revenue into other advertising platforms to scale your business further.

    Q: Can I use Pinterest for dropshipping without running ads?

    A: Yes, you can utilize Pinterest as an organic traffic source by posting product images and descriptions regularly. This approach can increase your visibility and potentially lead to sales organically.


    Using Pinterest as a platform for Shopify dropshipping can be a viable option for generating cash flow and boosting monthly revenue. By finding winning products, creating appealing ads, and optimizing Pinterest campaigns, you can tap into an untapped market. Just ensure to diversify your advertising platforms and consistently update your store to sustain long-term success.

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