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    I Tried TikTok Automation For 100 Days (Creativity Program)

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    I Tried TikTok Automation For 100 Days (Creativity Program)

    100 days ago, I started a faceless TikTok account with the goal of making extra cash through the creativity program. Now, with over 230,000 followers, the account earns me over $ 3,000 a month. The unique aspect is that I outsource scriptwriting and voice-overs to AI and editing to a freelancer for $ 5 per video. This process is known as faceless TikTok automation. The initial motive was to test the program's profitability and assess its business viability. Over 100 days, I discovered key principles to maximize going viral and consistently making money.

    Throughout the journey, I applied five main principles: hooking viewers, generating good video ideas, encouraging comments, targeting emotions, and maintaining consistency. These strategies have significantly contributed to the account's success. Additionally, I highlight three essential mistakes to avoid in the realm of TikTok automation.


    • TikTok
    • Automation
    • Creativity Program
    • Viral Content
    • Monetization
    • Engagement


    • What is faceless TikTok automation?
    • How did outsourcing contribute to the account's success?
    • What are the key principles for maximizing viral content on TikTok?
    • What are common mistakes to avoid in TikTok automation?
    • How has consistency played a crucial role in the account's profitability?

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