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    I Tried YouTube Automation with AI Generated Videos

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    I Tried YouTube Automation with AI Generated Videos

    In this article, I will share my experience with using AI-generated videos for YouTube automation. I wanted to test if AI videos could perform well on YouTube, and if they could go unnoticed by viewers. My goal was to rank an AI-generated video number one on YouTube without relying on my existing channels. I researched YouTube keywords, created videos using AI tools, optimized them for SEO, and waited to see the results. Let's dive into the details.

    Step 1: Keyword Research

    To rank my videos, I needed to find keywords with good search volume and low competition. I focused on the travel niche and asked AI for popular locations people search for when traveling. After browsing through the suggestions, I selected Amsterdam, Dubai, and Bangkok as my video topics. These keywords fulfilled my requirements of having good search volumes, small channel rankings, and ongoing views on existing videos.

    Step 2: Creating AI-Generated Videos

    For creating the videos, I used an AI tool called InVideo AI. It allowed me to specify the video content, including the desired locations and specific instructions. With just a few clicks, I could generate a complete video with a script, voiceover, and clips. I made a few adjustments to improve the videos, such as changing the opening clip and adding subtitles. InVideo AI made the video creation process effortless and efficient.

    Step 3: SEO Optimization and Publishing

    For SEO optimization, I used the keywords I found during my research to create compelling titles for my videos. Additionally, I designed appealing thumbnails by incorporating the location text over appealing photos. With the videos created and optimized, I uploaded them to YouTube and waited for the results to come in.

    The Results

    In the initial days, the videos received some decent views, considering they were AI-generated and uploaded on a new channel. However, after the first 24 hours, the views started to decline, indicating that YouTube might not have been promoting the videos on the homepage. But then, after around two weeks, two of the videos started ranking in search results and gained more views. The Dubai and Amsterdam videos outperformed the Thailand video. The majority of views came from YouTube search, with a high click-through rate (CTR) and a decent average view duration.


    travel Niche, AI-generated videos, YouTube automation, SEO optimization, YouTube search, click-through rate (CTR)


    Q1: Are AI-generated videos capable of ranking on YouTube? Yes, with proper SEO optimization and keyword targeting, AI-generated videos can rank on YouTube, as shown in this experiment.

    Q2: How effective is YouTube automation with AI-generated videos? YouTube automation with AI-generated videos has the potential to be effective, as it allows for quick and efficient content creation. However, long-term success will depend on consistent effort and ongoing optimization.

    Q3: Can AI-generated videos go unnoticed by viewers? While AI-generated videos can be indistinguishable from human-made videos, some viewers may notice subtle differences. However, the primary focus should be on delivering valuable and engaging content to the audience.

    Q4: How important is SEO optimization for AI-generated videos? SEO optimization plays a crucial role in ranking AI-generated videos on YouTube. It includes keyword research, title optimization, and creating appealing thumbnails to improve the chances of appearing in search results.

    Q5: What is the potential for growth and monetization with YouTube automation using AI-generated videos? The potential for growth and monetization is promising, as demonstrated by the success of the Dubai and Amsterdam videos. However, long-term success will require consistent effort, content quality, and engagement from the audience.

    In conclusion, my experiment with YouTube automation using AI-generated videos has shown some promising results. While the initial views were relatively low, two of the videos started ranking and gaining more views after a few weeks. This indicates the potential for YouTube automation with AI-generated content. If you are interested in learning how to create AI-generated videos or want to witness the growth of a YouTube automation channel, check out my tutorial or let me know in the comments.

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