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    I Tried to Edit a Wedding on a Chromebook

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    I Tried to Edit a Wedding on a Chromebook

    If you are new to photography and looking for a cost-effective way to edit your photos without investing in an expensive computer, a Chromebook might seem like an attractive option. In this article, wedding photographer Raymond Hatfield shares his experience of attempting to edit a wedding on an $ 89 Lenovo 3 Chromebook.

    Raymond begins by highlighting the challenges of editing numerous wedding photos and the need for a powerful computer to streamline the editing process. He explores the potential of using a Chromebook as a budget-friendly alternative and examines the performance of the Chromebook in handling photo editing tasks. Through his experimentation, he uncovers the limitations of the $ 89 Chromebook in terms of speed, screen quality, and overall usability for professional-level photo editing.

    Raymond's findings shed light on the importance of choosing the right tool for the job and the impact of hardware limitations on the editing experience. While the $ 89 Chromebook fell short in delivering a seamless editing process for a wedding photographer's workload, Raymond suggests considering more advanced Chromebook models with better specifications for improved performance.


    Chromebook, wedding photography, photo editing, budget-friendly, limitations, performance, professional, hardware, specifications


    1. Can a Chromebook be used for editing high volumes of photos like those from a wedding shoot?
    2. What are the limitations of using an $ 89 Chromebook for professional photo editing tasks?
    3. Are there Chromebook models with better specifications that are suitable for photographers' editing needs?
    4. How does the performance of an $ 89 Chromebook compare to more expensive computers for photo editing purposes?
    5. What factors should photographers consider when choosing a Chromebook for editing on-the-go?

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