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    I Used AI to create Stunning VFX!

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    I Used AI to create Stunning VFX!

    He will do this, he will do that, the new future artist will go on the streets, he is so much relayable, so what we will do in today's video is that I will use only the tools I have, I will try to make videos like the ones I make [Sangeet]. It uses a technology in which it collects a huge amount of data, then after repressing and processing it, it takes a lot of human resources. Also, there is a news for you, if you guys want to share with me. If you want to join the immid team then stay tuned till the end of the video because I have also given information about it in this video, so today...


    • AI technology
    • VFX tools
    • Video editing
    • Online learning platform
    • Animation software
    • Adobe Premiere Pro
    • Blender software
    • Motion capture


    • What technologies are used to create VFX in videos?
    • Where can one learn video editing and VFX skills online?
    • Which software is recommended for video editing and animation?
    • How can AI and motion capture improve the VFX creation process?
    • Are there any online platforms for learning advanced video editing techniques?

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