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    I Was Wrong About AI Video...

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    I Was Wrong About AI Video...

    In the ever-evolving world of AI generative video, new announcements and research continue to push the boundaries of what is possible. The flexibility and controllability over the videos created by AI are constantly improving, leaving us in awe of the advancements. Some of the predictions I made for 2024 in a previous video have already come true, but there is one prediction I couldn't have been more off about. Despite that, the progress made in AI video generation is mind-blowing, and I'm excited to share some of the recent developments.

    Just three weeks after posting the 2024 predictions video, I had to course correct and admit I was wrong about AI creating full-length shows and films. The advancements made since then have been remarkable. Let's take a look at some of the significant developments in the AI video space:

    Sora: Realism and Longer Generation Videos

    Sora, the recent AI video generation tool, astounded everyone with its realistic output and the ability to create longer videos. Unlike some other AI video generators, Sora seemed to adhere to the laws of physics, which added to its impressive capabilities.

    P Labs' Lipsync: Making AI-Generated Videos Talk

    P Labs introduced a new feature called Lipsync to their AI video generation tool. This feature enables users to upload audio files, and the AI will sync the generated videos' mouth movements to the audio. While there is still room for improvement, the lip syncing looks quite good and adds another layer of realism to AI-generated videos.

    Alibaba's Emote: Expressive Portrait Videos with Emotions

    Alibaba's research group, Emote, unveiled a breakthrough in AI video generation that focused on generating expressive portrait videos, complete with matching emotions and lip movements. By providing an input image and an accompanying song, the AI was able to create emotionally rich videos that surprised many with their realism. The movements of the subjects' heads, blinking, and other facial expressions were noticeably precise, enhancing the overall authenticity of the generated videos.

    More Studios x Stability: AI Film Making Platform

    Stability partnered with More Studios to develop an AI film-making platform. This collaboration combines two AI-powered video generation models and introduces a user-friendly storyboard visual drag-and-drop builder. Users can create, edit, and cross-cut scenes to create entire movies from prompts. It provides extensive customization options, including music, dialogues, sound effects, and lighting, allowing users to have complete creative control over their projects.

    LTX Studio: All-in-One Video Creation with AI

    LTX Studio, created by L-Trix (the company behind Motionleap, Videoleap, and Photoleap), is an all-in-one AI-powered video creation platform. It generates entire storyboards and scenes based on prompts like a futuristic space drama or an NYC courtroom drama. The platform handles every aspect of video creation, including music, dialogue, sound effects, and scene editing. Users can tweak individual shots or generate completely automated videos. The platform also emphasizes character consistency, ensuring the same character appears throughout the video, maintaining visual coherence.

    Terminator 2 Remake by AI Animators

    A group of AI animators took on an ambitious project of remaking Terminator 2 using entirely AI-generated video clips. Although this project is more of a showcase for what can be achieved rather than immediate mainstream production, the effort put into matching scenes and generating realistic animations is commendable. The AI-generated scenes aim to replicate key moments from the original movie and provide a glimpse into the potential of AI in film remakes.

    Anamorph's Unlimited Versions of One Film

    Anamorph, a company specializing in generative technology, created a system capable of reordering scenes to generate unlimited versions of a single film. They showcased this technology in a documentary about visual artist Brian Eno. Each viewing of the film results in a unique sequence of scenes, thanks to the billions of potential variations the system can generate. Despite the varying sequences, the film maintains a coherent narrative arc, ensuring an engaging viewing experience for each audience.

    These are just some of the recent advancements in AI video generation. Excitingly, there are still more tools and technologies yet to be unveiled. The possibilities for creating dynamic and engaging AI videos are expanding rapidly, and the future looks promising for this rapidly evolving field.


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    Q: What is AI generative video? AI generative video involves the use of artificial intelligence to create and generate videos automatically. With AI algorithms and models, videos can be generated based on various inputs, allowing for creativity, flexibility, and new possibilities in video production.

    Q: How realistic are the AI-generated videos? The realism of AI-generated videos continues to improve, with advancements in visual effects, physics simulation, and facial expressions. While there is still room for growth, recent developments have demonstrated impressive levels of realism in AI-generated videos.

    Q: What are the benefits of AI video generation? AI video generation offers several benefits, such as increased efficiency in video production, creative possibilities, and the ability to automate repetitive tasks. It can also assist in generating content for various platforms and cater to specific creative visions or prompts.

    Q: Are AI-generated videos replacing human creativity? AI-generated videos are not intended to replace human creativity but rather augment it. AI tools provide assistance and automation, allowing creators to explore new ideas, speed up the production process, and focus on higher-level creative decisions. The human touch and critical thinking remain essential in video production.

    Q: Can AI-generated videos be used for commercial purposes? Yes, AI-generated videos can be used for commercial purposes. Many AI video generation tools are geared towards professional use, enabling creators and businesses to generate content for marketing, branding, storytelling, and entertainment purposes.

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