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    I built my own AutoGPT that makes videos

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    I built my own AutoGPT that makes videos

    The definition of artificial general intelligence is an autonomous system that surpasses human capabilities. The videotape titled "Rust in 100 Seconds" was entirely generated by AI through tools like GPT-4, Puppeteer, voice cloning, and ffmpeg. In recent times, self-prompting tools with long-term memory like AutoGPT and Baby AGI have caused excitement. These tools work by taking a single objective from a human and recursively prompting itself until the objective is achieved. Projects like Chaos GPT and efforts from Microsoft and Jarvis are also mentioned. Additionally, a new paper from Stanford and Google research demonstrates believable human behavior produced by AI agents in a simulated world. The author shares their experience of developing their own AutoGPT using JavaScript and various tools to create videos.


    Artificial General Intelligence, AutoGPT, GPT-4, Puppeteer, Voice Cloning, Long-Term Memory, Chaos GPT, Microsoft, Jarvis, AI Agents, Simulated World, Video Creation.


    1. What is AutoGPT? AutoGPT is a tool developed by the author using JavaScript and various AI technologies to create videos.

    2. How do self-prompting tools with long-term memory work? These tools start with a single objective from a human and recursively prompt themselves until the objective is achieved, utilizing AI models like GPT and long-term memory databases.

    3. What are some other notable AI projects mentioned in the article? Projects like Chaos GPT, efforts from Microsoft and Jarvis, and a new paper from Stanford and Google research on AI agents in a simulated world are discussed.

    4. What tools were used by the author to create videos with AutoGPT? The author used tools such as Puppeteer for web scraping, Giphy API for animated gifs, and a voice cloning program to generate different assets required for video creation.

    5. Is the author’s AutoGPT project publicly available? As of now, the author has not released the code publicly due to concerns about its impact on humanity.

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