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    I found an insane A.I. Automatic video editor

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    I found an insane A.I. Automatic video editor

    Note: This article is a rewritten version of the script from a YouTube video.


    In the quest to save time and achieve more successful YouTube channels, content creators often face the challenge of limited time for video editing. Recognizing the need for efficiency, I discovered an incredible A.I. automatic video editor that has revolutionized my editing process. This tool allows me to edit my videos in just three clicks, resulting in significant time savings. I have personally used it to save hundreds of hours of manual editing, including for the video you are currently watching. In this article, I will explain how this tool works and demonstrate its usage.

    The Search for an Auto Editor

    About a year ago, I stumbled upon an Open Source Auto video editing code on GitHub. Though the code was powerful and capable of removing silent pauses, it required advanced technical skills to operate. Consequently, I never made a video about it. Recently, driven by a desire to help fellow content creators, I embarked on a quest to find an auto editor that could be used by regular people without coding knowledge. After extensive research, I discovered seven tools and examined each of them in-depth. The standout among them was Time Bolt, a software I consider the best in terms of features, usability, and integration with my existing workflow.

    Time Bolt: The Ultimate Auto Editor

    Time Bolt offers incredible features and customization options, making it a top choice for content creators seeking an efficient and advanced video editing tool. The software supports both audio and video editing, allowing for seamless integration of multiple tracks and keeping all elements in sync. Additionally, Time Bolt's "Um Check" feature enables users to eliminate repetitive filler words from their videos automatically. One of the standout features is the direct plug-in for Premiere, my preferred video editing software, which streamlines the entire editing process. It also offers other notable capabilities, such as multi-cam editing and detailed settings for complete control.

    How Time Bolt Works

    Using Time Bolt is straightforward. After selecting the video or audio file for editing, the software displays a timeline with red and green sections. The red portions represent silences, automatically cut out by Time Bolt. By playing the audio or video, users can review and fine-tune the automatic cuts as necessary. Moreover, Time Bolt's customizable keyboard shortcuts expedite the editing process significantly. The software even allows for the implementation of punch-ins and punch-outs, enabling smoother transitions between cuts. Additional features include the application of transitions, background music selection, and the ability to render the edited file in a format compatible with popular video editing software.


    • A.I. automatic video editor
    • Time-saving editing tool
    • Efficient video editing
    • Advanced customization options
    • Seamless audio and video integration
    • Filler word removal
    • Plug-in for Premiere
    • Multi-cam editing
    • Smooth transitions
    • Editable timeline


    1. What makes Time Bolt the best auto editor? Time Bolt stands out due to its extensive features, advanced customization options, direct plug-in for Premiere, and efficient workflow integration.

    2. Can Time Bolt handle multiple audio and video tracks? Yes, Time Bolt supports multiple tracks, including video and audio, while ensuring synchronization across all elements.

    3. How does the "Um Check" feature work? The "Um Check" feature allows users to input words they want to eliminate from their videos, such as filler words like "um" or "ah." Time Bolt automatically detects and removes these words.

    4. Can I apply transitions and background music using Time Bolt? Time Bolt offers the option to apply transitions between cuts, with customizable durations. While it also supports background music selection, many users prefer to handle this in their primary video editing software.

    5. Is Time Bolt compatible with popular video editing software? Time Bolt provides seamless integration with Premiere, allowing users to edit videos directly within the software. However, it can also export files in formats compatible with other video editing software.

    One more thing

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