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    I'm GIVING UP... Premiere Pro for DaVinci Resolve

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    I'm GIVING UP... Premiere Pro for DaVinci Resolve

    I guess you were expecting- he's away on vacation, can you be that six-seven years here on YouTube, and it's his first vacation in years, so you have me. If you didn't know, I'm Captain Kirk. I'm the wizard of post. I edit the videos that you see on this channel. I am the captain. I am the danger. Me and Pete have been working together for four almost five years now, right- oh, he does this thing right when he looks off camera, that's me. So look right- we work five-five-six years together. Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, and the whole time we've been working- with Adobe Premiere Pro, if you've been loyal to Premiere Pro, I'm wearing purple Premiere, okay, but in the past few months, maybe even years, we've been struggling with Premiere, and everybody seemed to be switching over. It's like, you know what, I'd like to challenge myself, he's decided to learn new things with me, and he's just he [Music]. Foreign. I basically screwed myself- over by deciding to just jump ship Premiere and just import everything into DaVinci and start editing. I chose one of our most involved videos, a very complicated video where we shot with Peter Andrew, that was a multiple day shoot with multiple cameras, and before you know it, after one day, I got too far to turn back and switch over to premieres, like screw it, I guess I'm switched over to Da Vinci now. Editing with Premiere Pro has been a muscle memory at this point to lay out the interface, the buttons, the shortcuts, everything, so switching over to Da Vinci was difficult. I tried my best to switch over the same shortcuts I had in Premiere, but still, Da Vinci was a whole another Beast. What am I doing? Guess I'm-- trying new things, an easy reason to switch is the price. DaVinci Resolve is free with 90 95 of the features of the full paid version, and even then the paid version is like 300 400 for one-time purchase, no subscription. DaVinci is owned by Blackmagic who sells Hardware like cameras, switch panels, and if you buy Hardware, which can be as cheap as five hundred dollars, you get a free license. Pete and I were so excited to learn DaVinci that we each picked up one of the speed editors and the micro panel- we're still figuring things out, but I think we got the basics down. Apparently, you can edit your whole video just by using all these shortcuts and this turn knob here, pretty cool- and this, this is for coloring all the little knobs and dials and little doodads for controlling Shadows mids highlights tones. I gotta say, I suck at color grading. I do know how to use it, but it felt intuitive enough that I was able to manage to pull some decent colors. I don't know how that happened, but something's working, so maybe we can do a tutorial on these things as everybody knows, Premiere always crashes [Music]. Now that's not to say Da Vinci doesn't crash. I've had a few crashes myself, but the big advantage of Da Vinci is it has live save. So every button press, every change, every little thing you do in Da Vinci is saved the moment you do it, unlike Premiere's autosave, which is set to 20 minutes default, useless. I set it down to five, and even then every five minutes Premiere just freezes [Music]. Okay, now you can get back to editing. So Da Vinci's great because it doesn't slow you down. Speaking of slowing you down, Da Vinci is also pretty fast when it comes to rendering speed and timeline speed. We edit on M1 Max Studios, which are pretty powerful, so we were able to Brute Force Premiere to perform well, but from what I've learned online, Da Vinci is simply faster than Premiere, even on slower machines, so there's that. A typical 10-minute video on Premiere exports four to six minutes, and that's on a powerful M1 Max studio, but on Da Vinci, it takes about two to three minutes, almost half the time to render the same video. Now where everybody sings the Praises. Bye, now where everybody sings the Praises of Da Vinci is in the timeline speed because when you're dropping 4K footage in Premiere, it chugs, but when you drop in Da Vinci, it has a smoother playback. But again, I edit on a Mac Studio, so I couldn't feel the differences in performance, only because the Mac Studio Brute Forces Premiere into performing well, but I have to say in Da Vinci, I have experienced slowdowns, specifically when I change the clip speed, especially in the past few months. Especially in the... Especially in the... Especially in our recent videos with the product shots, you know just on that Lazy Susan that's where I use a lot of the speed ramping, some of the clips have been cranked up to ten thousand percent, which is minutes of footage crammed into a few frames, that's how we get that fast stutter effect. We've been liking that a lot. Okay, okay, we get, we get it, the resolve is fast, but you know what else is fast building a website with, you heard the captain moan about how hard it was to switch from Premiere to DaVinci, well you won't have any problem with Squarespace because it's an easy-to-use all-in-one platform with plenty of award-winning templates to choose from. Foreign. To record all his lines to make this...


    DaVinci Resolve, Premiere Pro, editing software, video editing, color grading, rendering speed, timeline speed, workflow, transition, features, comparison


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    4. What were some challenges faced during the transition, and how were they overcome?
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