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    I made 100 VIRAL YouTube SHORTS in 10 Minutes (tutorial)

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    I made 100 VIRAL YouTube SHORTS in 10 Minutes (tutorial)

    YouTube shorts channels are gaining popularity and generating significant income, with AI-generated content being a key factor in their success. In this tutorial, we will explore a step-by-step guide on how to create 100 viral YouTube shorts using AI tools. From utilizing ChatGPT for text copy creation to Canva for video creation, we will delve into the process of replicating a successful shorts channel.

    Step one involves using ChatGPT to generate catchy and relatable video titles and content ideas. Step two focuses on organizing the generated content in an Excel or Google Sheets document. Step three entails creating the viral videos using Canva and enhancing watch time through engaging strategies. Lastly, step four showcases how to automate the process by populating the content into Canva videos in bulk.

    By following this tutorial, you can learn how to efficiently produce viral YouTube shorts using AI tools and optimize their performance within the YouTube algorithm.


    YouTube shorts, AI-generated content, ChatGPT, Canva, viral videos, watch time optimization, automate content creation


    1. How can AI tools like ChatGPT assist in creating viral YouTube shorts?
    2. What strategies can be employed to enhance watch time on YouTube shorts?
    3. Is it advisable to schedule uploads for YouTube shorts?

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