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    I made 60fps Flipbooks using A.I.

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    I made 60fps Flipbooks using A.I.

    In a video experiment, the creator set out to test artificial intelligence frame interpolation software on flipbooks that typically run at 12 frames per second. The goal was to boost the frame rate to 60 frames per second and analyze the results. The process involved running the flipbook footage through AI motion smoothing software to artificially increase the frame rate. The creator explored different flipbooks, including a pencil flipbook, experimenting with the software to see how well it could interpolate additional frames and enhance the animation quality.

    The creator acknowledged the challenges and limitations of the AI interpolation process, especially when dealing with footage that already had redundant or blurry frames. To optimize the results, the creator re-filmed the flipbook sequences at a high shutter speed to ensure crisp frames without motion blur. After cleaning up the footage and eliminating blurry or duplicate frames, the flipbooks were processed through the AI software to achieve a smoother playback at 60 frames per second.

    While the AI-generated 60fps versions of the flipbooks showed some improvements in smoothness, the creator noted that the original flipbook animations retained a certain crispness and impact that was lost in the smoothed versions. Despite some odd artifacts and inconsistencies in the AI-enhanced animations, the experiment highlighted the capabilities of AI technology in frame interpolation and the nuances of preserving the original artistic intention of the animator.


    AI frame interpolation, flipbooks, 60 frames per second, motion smoothing software, frame rate enhancement, animation quality


    1. What was the goal of the experiment with AI frame interpolation software on flipbooks?

      • The goal was to increase the frame rate of flipbooks from 12 frames per second to 60 frames per second using AI motion smoothing software and observe the impact on animation quality.
    2. How did the creator optimize the footage before running it through the AI software?

      • The creator re-filmed the flipbook sequences at a high shutter speed to ensure crisp frames, eliminated blurry or duplicate frames, and created clean stop-motion versions of the flipbooks for processing.
    3. What were some observations about the AI-generated 60fps versions of the flipbooks?

      • While the AI-enhanced versions showed improved smoothness, they often lacked the original crispness and impact of the animations. Some artifacts and inconsistencies were also noted in the smoothed versions.
    4. What conclusion did the creator draw regarding motion smoothing and the original flipbook animations?

      • The creator expressed a preference for the original flipbook animations, believing that motion smoothing detracted from the intended snap, impact, and timing of the movements, turning them into wobbly representations.

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