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    I made a new TikTok and grew it for two weeks, here’s what i learned…

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    I made a new TikTok and grew it for two weeks, here’s what I learned...

    Note: This article is a script converted into an article format. For a more reader-friendly experience, I have made necessary adjustments to the script.

    Tick Tock, a platform known for short-form content, has gained immense popularity in recent years. It has become a hub for creativity and expression, especially among younger generations. With its unique algorithm and vast user base, Tick Tock provides a different experience compared to other social media platforms. Curious to explore its potential, I decided to create a brand-new TikTok account and spend two weeks fully immersing myself in the TikTok community. Through this journey, I aimed to gain firsthand experience, knowledge, and insights about the platform, its algorithm, and the process of growing on TikTok.

    Understanding the TikTok Algorithm and Growth

    When I created my TikTok account two weeks ago, I initially intended for it to be a personal video diary, documenting my journey and providing something to look back on as I progress. However, I quickly realized that this experience presented an excellent opportunity to learn more about the TikTok algorithm and how the platform operates.

    To gain a better understanding of my TikTok growth, I posted daily for two weeks, taking a casual approach to growing on the platform. Unfortunately, I cannot share my complete analytics, as it takes TikTok two days to process the data. Therefore, I plan on creating a separate video discussing my first 30 days on the app, including comprehensive analytics. For now, I will provide insights from the initial two weeks of my TikTok journey.

    During the first two weeks, my account gained approximately 50 followers and garnered around 60,000 views. It's important to note that TikTok offers an incredible reach potential, surpassing any other social media platform. From the moment you post your first video on TikTok, regardless of your follower count, your content starts receiving views. Even with zero followers, my first video received over 5,500 views in less than two hours. Every subsequent video I posted garnered hundreds to thousands of views, with one video even reaching over 50,000 views in a single day.

    The Creator-Friendly TikTok Algorithm

    The TikTok algorithm proves to be more creator-friendly compared to algorithms on other social media platforms. Similar to algorithms employed by YouTube and Instagram, TikTok's primary goal is to keep users engaged on the app for as long as possible. The algorithm achieves this by serving content relevant and tailored to users' interests and preferences.

    One significant advantage of the TikTok algorithm is that once a viewer starts watching your video, it's more likely to be shown to others who also engage with similar content. This means that the algorithm works in your favor as a creator, increasing your chances of attracting views and viewers. Unlike platforms where click-through rates and audience retention heavily impact a video's success, TikTok keeps the organic reach of your videos alive longer. Your videos continue to be recommended, even days or years after posting, as long as they attract engagement from viewers.

    Handling Hate and Negative Comments

    While TikTok provides a platform for creative expression and community building, it also exposes creators to an unprecedented level of hate and negativity. Compared to YouTube, where I have received minimal hate comments in years of content creation, TikTok tends to attract a more critical and often toxic audience. The platform's user base, primarily composed of teenagers, can sometimes include misogynists, racists, and homophobes who may actively engage in hate speech.

    It's essential to acknowledge that hate will likely come your way on TikTok. However, TikTok does provide tools to handle negativity, such as blocking users, deleting comments, or even disabling comments altogether. It's crucial to be aware of the potential hate and take necessary steps to protect your mental well-being while navigating the platform.

    Monetization and Making Money on TikTok

    As a newbie creator on TikTok, opportunities for monetization and making money are limited, especially when compared to platforms like YouTube. While TikTok has its Creator Fund, which allows creators to make money, access to this feature is currently limited to the US, the UK, Germany, and France. As a Canadian content creator, I am unable to join the Creator Fund and monetize my TikTok videos.

    However, this does not mean that monetization is completely off the table. Brand deals, affiliate marketing, and selling products or services still offer potential revenue streams on TikTok. The platform's vast reach makes it possible to attract brand collaborations or sell your own merchandise. However, with just 50 followers, I do not expect to secure brand deals anytime soon. For those solely interested in business purposes and making money on TikTok, the limited monetization options might be a drawback.

    Engagement vs. Follower Growth

    On TikTok, the engagement rate tends to exceed follower growth. This means that you will gain views, likes, comments, shares, and bookmarks much faster than you will gain followers. In my case, despite having only 50 followers, my videos received substantial engagement. Every video that performed well gained between 25 to 50 bookmarks, indicating a higher engagement rate.

    It's essential to set realistic expectations for growth on TikTok. While blowing up and gaining millions of followers is possible, it's more common to experience rapid engagement without a significant boost in followers. Many TikTok accounts have videos with millions of views but only a few thousand followers. This dynamic makes engagement a key metric to focus on rather than solely fixating on follower count.

    Niche and Personality on TikTok

    Unlike platforms such as YouTube and Instagram, where having a niche is almost mandatory, TikTok takes a more relaxed approach when it comes to content themes and topics. While dedicating your TikTok account to a specific niche can generate consistent content, it's not essential for growth on TikTok. Personality plays a more critical role on TikTok than niche selection.

    TikTok welcomes a mix of content and is less stringent about having a specific focus. You can post a variety of content and still gain traction if you have a magnetic personality that resonates with viewers. Whether you're demonstrating workout routines, documenting your life as a parent, sharing cooking tips, or providing insights into your personal journey, TikTok allows for versatility and experimentation. Growing as a lifestyle influencer or creator is faster on TikTok compared to other social media platforms.

    Consistency and Posting Frequency

    Posting frequency is crucial on TikTok, and it's recommended to post every day or even multiple times a day. While TikTok does not enforce a strict posting schedule, consistency is key for optimal reach and growth. Compared to platforms like YouTube, where achieving a daily upload is more time-consuming, TikTok's short video format allows for easier daily posting. The more frequently you post, the greater your chances of success and growth on TikTok.

    Optimizing Content with Keywords

    As with YouTube and Instagram, optimizing content with relevant keywords is vital on TikTok. Adding keywords to your videos' text, captions, and hashtags helps the TikTok algorithm understand your content and target the right audience. Through trial and error, I found that implementing a keyword strategy significantly improved my video's performance.

    By adding comprehensive and accurate keywords related to the content I created, I attracted viewers with similar interests. Analyzing my TikTok analytics, I noticed that a vast majority of viewers who engaged with my content either created similar content or regularly engaged with similar videos. Optimizing keywords is just as important on TikTok as it is on other platforms to improve reach and attract the right audience.

    Strategies for Video Performance

    Not every video you post on TikTok will go viral, and that's normal. It's crucial to understand that not every video is meant to blow up, and that shouldn't discourage you. However, I did notice a few strategies that contributed to the success of certain videos.

    One observation is that videos with longer text perform better on shorter clips. The longer it takes for viewers to read the text, the more they engage with the video, as it loops in the background. This engagement signals the algorithm that people are watching and repeating the video, which increases its reach. So, including longer text on shorter videos can potentially help them gain more views.

    Additionally, content that is relevant and trending has a higher chance of performing well on TikTok. I experienced this when I created a video discussing the Canadian wildfires. It gained significant traction within the first few hours and accumulated over 50,000 views by the end of the day. Incorporating trending topics into your content strategy can boost visibility and attract a wider audience.

    Videos that receive likes, comments, shares, and bookmarks tend to gain traction faster. Encouraging viewers to engage with your content and creating videos that people are more likely to bookmark, save, and share can significantly improve your chances of success on TikTok. In my experience, videos with a higher number of bookmarks tend to perform exceptionally well on the platform.


    After two weeks of growing a new TikTok account and immersing myself in the platform, I gained valuable insights and experiences. While YouTube remains my primary platform, TikTok proved to be an enjoyable and dynamic app to experiment with. Its shorter video format is perfect for fun and casual content creation.

    Despite TikTok's potential for growth, monetization options for new creators are limited, especially for non-US creators. However, TikTok's massive reach opens doors for brand deals, affiliate marketing, and product sales. It's important to have realistic expectations and understand that engagement often outpaces follower growth on TikTok.

    On TikTok, your personality is more critical than sticking to a specific niche. Experimenting with different types of content is welcomed, and a mix of video themes can thrive on the platform. Consistency and daily posting play a significant role in growing your TikTok account, and optimizing content with relevant keywords contributes to better reach and engagement.

    While not every video will go viral, experimenting with trending and relevant topics can significantly boost your chances of success. Ultimately, TikTok offers a unique and creator-friendly environment where engagement is valued over follower count.


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    Q1: How does the TikTok algorithm work? The TikTok algorithm is designed to keep users engaged on the app for as long as possible. It serves content based on users' interests and preferences, showing videos relevant to their past engagements. TikTok aims to keep viewers watching by recommending more of what they enjoy.

    Q2: Can I make money on TikTok? While TikTok offers a Creator Fund, only creators from certain countries can monetize their content through this feature. However, it's still possible to make money on TikTok through brand deals, affiliate marketing, and selling products or services. It's important to note that monetization options may vary depending on your location.

    Q3: Do I need a specific niche on TikTok? Unlike other platforms, TikTok is more lenient when it comes to content niches. While a specific niche can help maintain consistency, TikTok prioritizes personality and engagement over niche selection. You can experiment with different types of content and still gain traction as long as you have a magnetic personality that resonates with viewers.

    Q4: How often should I post on TikTok? Consistency is key on TikTok, and it is generally recommended to post daily or even multiple times a day. Daily posting increases your chances of reaching a wider audience and growing your TikTok account. However, the app does not enforce a strict posting schedule, allowing for flexibility in your content creation.

    Q5: How important are keywords on TikTok? Optimizing content with relevant keywords enhances your chances of reaching the right audience and improving engagement. TikTok's algorithm relies on keywords to understand your content and serve it to interested viewers. Including keywords in your video's text, caption, and hashtags can significantly impact your video's visibility and reach.

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