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    I taught an A.I. to speedrun Minecraft. It made history.

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    I taught an A.I. to speedrun Minecraft. It made history.

    In a groundbreaking achievement, I teamed up with Blue Willow to train an artificial intelligence (A.I.) to speedrun Minecraft. This A.I. was designed to outperform humans in the game while providing entertaining gameplay. To make it even more exciting, we let the A.I. decide Minecraft's graphics using an A.I. texture pack. Additionally, we used A.I. to create a unique storyline for a Minecraft sequel and enlisted the help of various A.I. bots to assist with gameplay.

    A.I. Graphics and Storyline

    We started by using Blue Willow's A.I. image generator to create a custom texture pack. The A.I. was instructed to design a Minecraft menu with a pixelated gray rectangle and white text that says "options." The resulting design was visually appealing and in line with the aesthetic of the game. We also revamped the main menu, adding a new logo and using the A.I.-generated textures to create a stunning Panorama.

    To further enhance the game, we decided to create a new ending for Minecraft. Using a poem from the original game's ending as inspiration, we asked the A.I. to generate a second poem in the same style for a Minecraft sequel. The A.I. came up with a poem that deviated from the original but added a unique touch to the game's storyline.

    A.I. Gameplay

    We explored several A.I. bots designed specifically for Minecraft gameplay. However, most of them had limitations or issues that prevented us from using them effectively. Finally, we discovered the Baritone A.I., a powerful pathfinding bot commonly used in the Anarchy community. While Baritone lacked the ability to fully play the game, it excelled at tasks assigned to it.

    To overcome this limitation, we found a modified version of Baritone called "Alto Clef Bot" developed by Taco Technica and Gaucho Materero. This version allowed us to provide tasks to the A.I. that it could execute in-game. With this integration, we had an A.I. ally that could successfully navigate the game world based on our instructions.

    The Race and Results

    I competed head-to-head with the Alto Clef A.I. to see who would complete the game first. Both of us started in different locations, with the ability to teleport back to our death spots for a minor time loss. I encountered some unlucky deaths early on, which resulted in time setbacks.

    The Alto Clef A.I. encountered its own share of challenges, including the bot swimming aimlessly across the ocean for an extended period. However, it caught up with me when I faced further setbacks in the Nether and struggled to find Endermen for the necessary pearls.

    Despite the intense competition, I managed to defeat the Ender Dragon just over two hours into the run. The Alto Clef A.I. finished the game within seconds of my completion, showcasing the impressive capabilities of A.I. in Minecraft.

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    Q: How did you train the A.I. to speedrun Minecraft? A: The A.I. used various algorithms and machine learning techniques to learn the game mechanics and optimize its performance. It learned to navigate the world, mine resources, and defeat the Ender Dragon by analyzing gameplay data and training sequences.

    Q: Were there any limitations or challenges in using A.I. for Minecraft speedruns? A: Yes, some A.I. bots had limitations that hindered their ability to play the game comprehensively. Many were designed for specific tasks or lacked the capability to perform complex actions. However, the modified version of Baritone called Alto Clef Bot provided an effective solution by allowing us to direct the A.I.'s actions.

    Q: How did the A.I. perform compared to human players in the speedrun? A: The A.I. proved to be a formidable competitor, completing the game within seconds of my own completion time. This achievement showcases the potential of A.I. in surpassing human skills in Minecraft speedruns.

    Q: What other applications could A.I. have in Minecraft or other games? A: A.I. has the potential to revolutionize gameplay in numerous ways. It could be used to create more immersive graphics and generate dynamic storylines tailored to individual players. Additionally, A.I.-driven game assistants can enhance player experience, providing guidance, and automating certain tasks.

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