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    I tested a $1,000 per day YouTube Automation Business #shorts

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    I tested a $ 1,000 per day YouTube Automation Business #shorts

    Many individuals claim that it is possible to earn $ 1,000 per day through YouTube without revealing their face or creating original content. This article delves into one such attempt at achieving this goal. The strategy involved creating a YouTube channel in the fitness niche and uploading content sourced from TikTok. After posting around 30 videos within ten days and garnering a maximum of 1,000 views, the process was deemed too slow. Subsequently, $ 160 was invested in a Fiverr service to upload over 300 short videos within 30 days, aiming to monetize these through email marketing and affiliate offers. However, the endeavor did not succeed as expected due to YouTube's detection of non-original content.


    YouTube, $ 1,000 per day, Automation, Business, Fitness Niche, TikTok, Fiverr, Monetization, Email Marketing, Affiliate Offers, Short Videos


    • Is it feasible to earn $ 1,000 per day through YouTube without showing your face or creating original content?
    • What steps were taken in the attempt to generate income through YouTube automation?
    • How did the investment in a Fiverr service to upload short videos impact the outcome?
    • What hindered the monetization efforts through email marketing and affiliate offers in this case?
    • Will the individual retry this method in the future despite the initial failure?

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