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    I tried coding on my iPad for 7 days

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    I tried coding on my iPad for 7 days

    Coding on a tablet like an iPad may seem challenging, but with the availability of tools and apps, it's becoming more feasible than ever before. In this article, I document my experience of using my iPad as a dedicated machine for coding, checking emails, building websites, and developing apps over a week-long period.

    I started by exploring code editor apps on my iPad and eventually settled on an app called Coder Code Editor, which allowed FTP access. Despite initial difficulties with typing on the iPad screen, using an external keyboard improved the experience significantly. I also utilized remote desktop applications like Jump Desktop to access my home computer for coding tasks. Additionally, connecting my iPad to a larger monitor enhanced the coding experience, although there were some resolution challenges.

    Overall, this experiment challenged my initial skepticism and revealed that with the right tools and setup, coding on an iPad is indeed possible and practical for various tasks. The convenience of having a powerhouse device in a compact form factor was a notable advantage, although there were some limitations to consider.


    iPad, coding, code editor apps, remote desktop, external keyboard, monitor connection, limitations


    1. Is coding on an iPad using external peripherals like a keyboard and monitor a viable option?
    2. What apps did the author use for coding on the iPad?
    3. How did remote desktop applications enhance the coding experience on the iPad?
    4. Were there any limitations or challenges faced during the experiment?
    5. Did the author find any unexpected benefits or improvements in workflow while coding on the iPad?

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