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    I tried to go viral on TikTok and failed miserably.

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    I Tried to Go Viral on TikTok and Failed Miserably

    Are you familiar with the names Bella Porch, Charlie Demilio, and Addison Rae? These TikTok stars have gained enormous fame and success from their short videos, attracting millions of likes, collaborations with big brands, and even launching careers in music. Their rise to stardom might appear effortless, as they seem to gain fame by simply moving their bodies in a certain way for less than 15 seconds. This phenomenon made me wonder why these individuals became famous for such seemingly trivial actions, while I believed I had the looks and entertainment value to be the next viral sensation.

    With this curiosity, I decided to set a goal for myself: to become the next viral TikTok sensation within one week. I planned out my strategy, seeking advice from Twitch chat on the type of content to create and what my username should be. Armed with this knowledge, I was ready to embark on my journey and see if going viral on TikTok was as easy as it appeared.

    To increase my chances of going viral, I studied viral TikTok hacks and compiled a list of common elements found in successful videos. These included posting at least three times a day at specific times, logging out of the app immediately after posting to prompt notifications, and ensuring the content was of high quality and engaging. With these guidelines in mind, I prepared myself to create 21 TikTok videos over the course of one week.

    However, as I began my TikTok challenge, I quickly realized that the road to viral success was not as straightforward as I had hoped. Despite my best efforts and belief in my own entertainment value, my initial videos received minimal views and engagement. It was demoralizing to see my hard work and creativity seemingly go unnoticed. I started questioning the value of my content and felt the disappointment that often accompanies social media platforms.

    As I delved deeper into understanding the TikTok algorithm, I realized that the number of views on TikTok does not necessarily indicate the quality of the content. The algorithm plays a significant role in determining the success of a video, as it decides which viewers to show the video to and amplifies those that garner initial engagement. This system heavily depends on factors such as the existing follower count, the niche of content, and the audience's preferences. In my case, being a smaller account without a focused niche, TikTok might not have shown my content to an audience that would appreciate it, leading to stagnation in my potential growth.

    In contrast, platforms like YouTube place a greater emphasis on the packaging of the content, with titles and thumbnails playing a crucial role in attracting viewers. YouTube's algorithm also considers click-through rates and subscriber count, which can enhance the visibility of videos. Despite the challenges, I find YouTube to be a more fulfilling platform, as the quality of my video is not solely determined by the algorithm but also by the engagement and preferences of my subscribers.

    Given my lack of success, I confess that I did not complete the full week of my TikTok challenge. The disappointment and frustration made it apparent that I was pursuing something I didn't truly enjoy, simply in the hopes of going viral. However, I believe it is important to share failures as well, especially in a landscape where only successes are often highlighted. The reality is that not every endeavor will result in immediate success, and that is perfectly okay.

    In conclusion, I embarked on a TikTok challenge with the goal of going viral but ultimately failed to achieve the desired results. This experience highlighted the importance of pursuing passions for the love of the craft rather than solely seeking external validation. While going viral may seem tempting, it should not become the sole focus, as it can overshadow the joy of creating content. So, create what you love, appreciate the process, and success will follow in due time.


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    1. Is going viral on TikTok easy?

      • Going viral on TikTok is not as easy as one might think. It requires a combination of luck, hard work, and quality content. Success on the platform is determined by the TikTok algorithm, which selects videos to show to users based on various factors, including engagement and niche preferences.
    2. Does the number of views on TikTok reflect the quality of the content?

      • The number of views on TikTok does not necessarily reflect the quality of the content. The TikTok algorithm plays a significant role in determining the success of a video, as it decides which users to show the video to and amplifies those that receive initial engagement. Factors such as follower count, niche, and audience preferences also influence a video's visibility.
    3. How does TikTok's algorithm work?

      • TikTok's algorithm considers factors such as follower count, niche, engagement, and audience preferences to determine which users to show a video to and how widely to distribute it. Videos that receive initial engagement are more likely to be shown to a larger audience, leading to potential viral success.
    4. Does YouTube's algorithm work similarly to TikTok's algorithm?

      • YouTube's algorithm operates differently from TikTok's algorithm. YouTube places a greater emphasis on video packaging, with titles and thumbnails playing a crucial role in attracting viewers. The algorithm also considers click-through rates and subscriber count, which can impact a video's visibility.
    5. What is the importance of pursuing passions in content creation?

      • Pursuing passions in content creation is essential for long-term fulfillment and success. Creating content that resonates with one's interests and values allows for genuine expression and connection with an audience. External validation, such as going viral, should not overshadow the joy of creating and sharing meaningful content.

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