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    INSANE A.I. STATUE EFFECT - Music Video Effects Tutorial [EASY]

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    INSANE A.I. STATUE EFFECT - Music Video Effects Tutorial [EASY]

    Hey there, in this tutorial, we will delve into creating a mind-blowing A.I. Statue Effect for your music videos. This effect involves turning subjects into statues using artificial intelligence, giving your visuals a unique and creative twist. Follow these step-by-step instructions to recreate this effect effortlessly and add an artistic flair to your videos.

    To begin, you will need video clips to work with. Then, follow these steps:

    1. Capture Frames: Start by selecting key frames from your video clip that you want to transform into statues. Export these frames as individual images in PNG format for processing.

    2. Use Deep AI: Visit and upload the exported frames. Enter a prompt describing the desired effect, such as turning the subject into a dark gray Greek statue. Generate the transformation, enhance the image for HD quality, and download the result.

    3. Sequence Frames: Import all generated frames back into your editing software. Align the frames in order to create a seamless transition effect.

    4. Enhance Effects: Add further enhancements like a zoom-in effect using adjustment layers and keyframing. Incorporate shakes and flashes for extra visual impact.

    5. Repeat for Background Effects: You can also apply the AI effect to the background instead of the subject by following similar steps with prompts like "ancient Greece, make everything stone."

    By following these simple steps, you can achieve a stunning A.I. Statue Effect in your music videos that will captivate viewers and elevate your visual storytelling.



    1. Can this A.I. Statue Effect be applied to other types of videos? Yes, the A.I. Statue Effect can be utilized in various video content beyond music videos. It adds a creative and engaging visual element to any video project.

    2. Do I need advanced editing skills to recreate this effect? While some familiarity with video editing software is helpful, the tutorial provides a straightforward guide that even beginners can follow to achieve the desired effect.

    3. Is the A.I. Effect customizable for different styles and themes? Absolutely, the beauty of using artificial intelligence in this effect is its versatility. You can input various prompts to create unique visual transformations tailored to your specific vision.

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