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    If You Can't Answer These 6 Questions You Don't Have A Story - Glenn Gers

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    If You Can't Answer These 6 Questions You Don't Have A Story - Glenn Gers

    In the video script provided, Glenn Gers emphasizes the importance of being able to answer six crucial questions in order to have a compelling story. The script touches on various topics like storytelling, creativity, and the challenges of crafting a narrative. Through anecdotes and examples, Gers conveys the necessity of thoroughly understanding the key elements that make up a story.

    Keywords: Storytelling, Creativity, Narrative, Glenn Gers, Compelling Story, Key Questions


    1. Why is storytelling essential for crafting a compelling narrative?
    2. What role does creativity play in developing a story?
    3. Who is Glenn Gers and why is his perspective on storytelling valuable?
    4. What are the key questions that one should be able to answer in order to have a well-developed story?
    5. How can understanding narrative structure impact the effectiveness of a story?
    6. What are some challenges individuals face when trying to create a captivating story?

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