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    Improve the Size and Quality of your Images | CorelDRAW for Windows

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    Improve the Size and Quality of your Images | CorelDRAW for Windows

    If you print at large scales, you'll appreciate the two major improvements in CorelDRAW 2020 related to image resolution. These advancements focus on enhancing image quality by removing JPEG artifacts and implementing up sampling, which allows for increasing image size while maintaining sharpness and fine details. By leveraging machine learning models, CorelDRAW analyzes, changes, or adds pixels to ensure the quality of enlarged images.

    Before getting started with image resizing and quality enhancement, the tutorial emphasizes the importance of these new features in CorelDRAW 2020. The process begins with importing a bitmap image into a new document and addressing issues such as low resolution and JPEG artifacts. The removal of artifacts and sharpening of edges is achieved through CorelDRAW's 'Remove JPG Artifacts' feature. To enlarge the image effectively without compromising quality, the tutorial demonstrates the use of 'Resample' options, including bicubic and nearest-neighbor modes. By following these steps, users can enhance both photographs and computer-generated illustrations for various print applications.

    Keywords: CorelDRAW, image resolution, JPEG artifacts, up sampling, machine learning, image enlargement, bitmap editing, image quality improvement, print applications


    1. How does CorelDRAW 2020 improve image resolution? CorelDRAW 2020 introduces features like removing JPEG artifacts and up sampling, leveraging machine learning models to enhance image quality during resizing.

    2. What are the benefits of using the 'Resample' feature in CorelDRAW for image enlargement? The 'Resample' feature in CorelDRAW allows users to increase the size of images while maintaining sharpness and fine details, making it ideal for large-scale printing applications.

    3. Can the image quality be improved for both photographs and illustrations in CorelDRAW 2020? Yes, CorelDRAW 2020 offers tools to enhance the resolution and quality of both photographs and computer-generated illustrations, providing a comprehensive solution for image editing needs.

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