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    Increase your Video FPS with AI (For Free)

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    Are you looking to enhance the frame rate of your videos for smoother and more professional AMV edits? Often, raw footage may have a low frame rate causing choppiness and lag after editing. In this article, we will explore how to increase video FPS using AI technology specifically Topaz Video Enhance AI version 2.6.4.

    Topaz Video Enhance AI 2.6.4

    Some major things you're missing out on with 2.6.4:

    • The iris model - best model yet for upscaling low quality sources like VHS. It's the model least likely to give you weird eyes and faces

    • Cropping, trimming and a better system for setting your output resolution

    • A new version of the Apollo model for frame interpolation. The non "fast" version, which IMO, is better now than something like Adobe Optical Flow and other non AI based frame interpolation algorithms for increasing frame rate or adding a slow motion effect. Also, frame interpolation is its own separate category that can be performed in the same run as other enhancements

    • ability to do a second enhancement in the same run

    • The Nyx model that does noise removal well without destroying original detail

    • moderate improvements to performance and supposedly better utilization of tensor cores found in nvidia 2xxx through 4xxx cards.

    • stabilization algorithms and motion blur removal algorithms (but I don't fuck with either of those personally, because I don't find either very impressive at this point)

    How does it work

    If you don't have this software, reach out for assistance in obtaining it. Follow the steps below to enhance your video quality and achieve better results.

    1. Start by opening Topaz Video Enhance AI and importing your video. Ensure your video is not lengthy to expedite the process.
    2. Adjust the settings according to your preferences. Topaz AI allows you to increase the FPS and enhance video quality for a more professional look.
    3. Preview your video after making the necessary adjustments. If satisfied, export your video in the desired format.
    4. The export speed will depend on your GPU specifications, so be patient during this process.

    Are you struggling with low FPS in your videos or looking to enhance their quality? Follow the steps outlined in this article to leverage AI technology for a smoother and more professional video editing experience.


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    1. How can I increase the FPS of my videos for better AMV edits?
      • You can use AI technology, such as Topaz Video Enhance AI, to enhance the frame rate and quality of your videos for smoother editing results.
    2. Is it possible to enhance video quality using AI?
      • Yes, AI technology can help improve video quality by increasing FPS, reducing choppiness, and enhancing overall visual appeal.
    3. Will increasing the FPS of my videos affect the export speed?
      • The export speed may vary based on your GPU specifications, but enhancing FPS and video quality should not significantly impact the export time.

    One more thing

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