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    Informational writing 02 (hook & draft)

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    Informational Writing 02 (Hook & Draft)

    In informational writing, authors aim to educate their readers about a specific topic by presenting factual information. The structure typically includes a topic sentence, body paragraphs with key facts, and a closing to wrap up the writing. To engage the audience, authors often begin their writing with a question to pique the readers' interest. In this article, we will explore the process of starting an informational piece with a hook and drafting the content using rugby as an example.

    Authors can introduce their topics in various ways, such as posing questions like "Would you like to learn more about rugby?" or "Do you know there are many rules in rugby?" Starting with a question can intrigue readers and motivate them to continue reading. Once the topic is introduced, the author can delve into presenting three essential facts related to the subject matter. For instance, in the context of rugby, facts may include rules about passing the ball behind, tackling below the shoulders, and scoring through a try or goal kick.

    Ending the informational writing involves summarizing the main points discussed. By reiterating the key facts or insights shared, the closing paragraph reinforces the significance of the topic and provides closure to the reader. This structured approach to informational writing helps authors effectively convey information while engaging and educating their audience.


    Informational writing, authors, factual information, topic sentence, body paragraphs, closing, engaging readers, starting with a question, rugby, essential facts, ending conclusion.


    1. Why is starting an informational piece with a question considered effective?

      • Beginning with a question can captivate the reader's interest and create a sense of curiosity, encouraging them to continue reading.
    2. What is the importance of structuring informational writing with a topic sentence and three key facts?

      • This structure helps organize the information, making it easier for readers to follow the content and understand the main points being presented.
    3. How does the closing paragraph contribute to the overall impact of an informational piece?

      • The closing paragraph serves to summarize key points, reinforce the significance of the topic, and provide a sense of closure to the readers, leaving them with a lasting impression.

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