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    Insane AI Makes Money On ClickBank | Copy This Method

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    Insane AI Makes Money On ClickBank | Copy This Method

    In this article, we will discuss a powerful method that leverages artificial intelligence (AI) to help beginners make their first $ 100 or even $ 200 per day on the ClickBank affiliate platform. By using AI technology and following the steps outlined below, you can tap into ClickBank's top offers and generate significant income without any prior experience or technical skills.

    Step 1: Setting Up Your ClickBank Account

    To get started, you'll need to create an account on ClickBank if you don't already have one. Visit and sign up by following the necessary steps. Once you've logged in, click on "Marketplace" in the top menu and then select "Top Offers" to view the affiliate offers available for promotion.

    Step 2: Selecting Profitable Offers

    Browse through the offers and pay attention to the amount of money you can earn per conversion. Look for offers with high commissions, such as $ 138 or more. Additionally, use the filters on the left side of the page to select "CPA" (cost per action) as the commission type. By choosing CPA, you won't be affected by any refunds, ensuring your earnings remain stable.

    For the purpose of this example, let's choose Alpilene, a popular weight loss offer on ClickBank.

    Step 3: Creating an AI-Generated Book

    Here comes the exciting part. We will leverage an AI robot called ChatGPT to create a short book on weight loss. This book will provide value to potential customers and help build trust, increasing the likelihood of them clicking your affiliate link and making a purchase.

    Using ChatGPT, you'll instruct the AI to act as a renowned New York Times bestselling author and ask it to write a short book of no more than 10 pages on the topic of "the top efficient and fast ways to lose weight in 2023."

    Once you've generated the book using ChatGPT, copy the text and save it in a text editor. You can then export it as a PDF and give it a title like "Weight Loss Secrets."

    Step 4: Building a Landing Page with ClickFunnels

    Now, sign up for a free account on (which includes a website builder, funnel builder, and CRM) to create your landing page. After signing up, access the funnel builder and create a new funnel. Name it and select the goal of collecting leads and building your email list.

    Choose a squeeze page template and customize it by adding a subscribe form to collect emails. You can edit the title to something like "Download a Free Book: Learn the Most Efficient Ways to Lose Weight in 2023." Position the form strategically on the page and ensure the text reflects the value of the free book.

    Next, export your AI-generated book as a PDF and upload it to a file hosting service like Google Drive. Add a button on the squeeze page to enable visitors to download the PDF book.

    Step 5: Crafting a Thank You Page with an Affiliate Pitch

    On the thank you page (which visitors will see after signing up and downloading the book), modify the default text to thank the visitor and congratulate them on downloading the book. Then, use the AI-generated pitch from ChatGPT to entice them further: "Stanford Scientists Discover a Shocking New Cause of Belly Fat, and It's Not What You Think."

    Add a button below the text that redirects visitors to your ClickBank affiliate offer. This button provides a smooth and subtle transition for visitors to explore the weight loss product you're promoting.

    Step 6: Driving Traffic to Your Landing Page

    Now that your landing page is ready, you need to drive traffic to it. You can use various channels like social media (Facebook ads, TikTok, Instagram), create profiles and groups to grow an organic audience, or promote your landing page through other proven methods such as Pinterest, Twitter, Reddit, etc.

    Summary from Article Content

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    1. Can I use this method on other affiliate platforms?

      • Yes, this method can be applied to any affiliate platform, not just ClickBank. Simply follow the same steps and adapt the process accordingly.
    2. Do I need any technical or copywriting skills to implement this?

      • No, this method is designed for beginners with no prior experience or technical skills. The AI technology takes care of the copywriting process, making it accessible to anyone.
    3. How long does it take to see results with this method?

      • The timeline may vary, but with consistent effort and effective marketing strategies, you can start seeing results within a few days or weeks.
    4. Can I customize the landing page and book cover design?

      • Yes, you have the flexibility to customize the landing page, book cover design, and other elements using the provided tools and resources.
    5. Can I promote multiple offers using this method?

      • Absolutely! Once you have collected email addresses from your landing page, you can promote multiple affiliate offers to your audience over time, maximizing your revenue potential.

    Remember, this method harnesses the power of AI to help you generate income as a ClickBank affiliate. By providing valuable content, building trust, and strategically promoting affiliate offers, you can create a profitable online business. Get started today and watch your earnings grow!

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