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    Insane AI Tools In Premiere Pro | Premiere Pro 2024 New Features

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    Insane AI Tools In Premiere Pro | Premiere Pro 2024 New Features

    In today's world, AI has become a pervasive presence, with every industry striving to incorporate AI tools into their products and services. Adobe, keeping pace with this trend, has introduced a range of powerful AI features in Adobe Premiere Pro, aimed at enhancing the video editing experience. Let's delve into nine AI features that will transform you into a more efficient and proficient video editor.

    The first feature is text-based editing, allowing users to edit videos as easily as editing a document. By transcribing the audio, Premiere Pro enables seamless editing by identifying and removing unwanted sections directly from the sequence. The AI tool automates the process, making editing a breeze.

    Another valuable feature is the ability to create subtitles from transcriptions swiftly. By using the generated text, users can easily add subtitles to their videos, enhancing accessibility and engagement.

    Color match, a standout feature, allows users to replicate color grading from external sources directly into Premiere Pro. By simply selecting a reference clip and applying the desired color scheme, users can achieve a professional and consistent look across their projects.

    The auto-detection of log video color space saves time by converting log files into Rec.709 with a single click, streamlining the color correction process.

    On the audio front, the remix tool enables users to adjust music tracks' length seamlessly, ensuring a smooth transition without compromising audio quality.

    The autoducking feature is a game-changer, automatically adjusting music volume based on dialogue, eliminating the need for manual keyframe adjustments.

    The enhanced audio tool enhances audio quality with a single click, perfect for optimizing sound in videos swiftly.

    Scene detection simplifies the editing process by automatically detecting cuts in the video, saving time and effort in post-production.

    Auto reframing facilitates the adaptation of videos to different aspect ratios, catering to various social media platforms seamlessly.

    Overall, Premiere Pro's AI tools revolutionize the video editing landscape, empowering users to create professional-quality content efficiently.


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    1. What are some standout AI features in Premiere Pro?

      • Premiere Pro offers various AI features such as color match, autoducking, text-based editing, scene detection, and auto reframing.
    2. How does the AI-enhanced audio tool in Premiere Pro work?

      • The enhanced audio tool in Premiere Pro improves audio quality with a single click, making it ideal for optimizing sound in videos swiftly.
    3. Can Premiere Pro automatically adjust music volume based on dialogue?

      • Yes, autoducking is an AI-powered feature in Premiere Pro that automatically adjusts music volume based on dialogue, eliminating the need for manual adjustments.

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