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    Insta360 X3 - How to use Insta360 AI Editing in 3 minutes

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    Insta360 X3 - How to use Insta360 AI Editing in 3 minutes

    Today, we're diving into the features of the Insta360 X3 camera, specifically focusing on the Auto frame feature that simplifies the editing process for 360 videos. Auto frame leverages AI technology to analyze footage, identify the best clips, add transitions, and even sync with music, all without manual editing. Let's explore how to make the most of this innovative tool.

    So, what exactly is Auto frame on the Insta360 X3? It's a cutting-edge feature that takes the hassle out of editing 360 videos by utilizing AI to select the optimal moments, transitions, and music for your footage. This technology analyzes factors like the direction of movement, surroundings, and key elements in the video to curate a polished final product effortlessly.

    To start using Auto frame, connect your Insta360 camera to the Insta360 app and select the video you want to edit. Choose the Auto frame option and initiate the analysis process. The AI will then begin identifying the most engaging segments of your footage, presenting them in various views like compilation, selfie view, forward view, and more. After the analysis is complete, you can easily customize the aspect ratio of your video and export the final result seamlessly.


    • Insta360 X3
    • Auto frame feature
    • AI editing
    • 360 videos
    • Insta360 app
    • Compilation view
    • Selfie view
    • Forward view
    • Aspect ratio customization


    1. Can I manually edit the footage selected by Auto frame on the Insta360 X3?
      • While Auto frame streamlines the editing process, you can still make manual adjustments to the selected clips and transitions if desired.
    2. Is the AI analysis accurate in identifying the best moments in 360 videos?
      • The AI technology in Insta360 X3 is designed to carefully assess various aspects of the footage to curate compelling clips, providing a convenient editing experience.
    3. What kind of views does the AI offer in the Auto frame feature of Insta360 X3?
      • The AI analysis in Auto frame presents views such as compilation, selfie view, forward view, and other intriguing targets captured in the video for an engaging editing process.

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