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    Instagram REELS for Realtors MADE EASY with A.I. - Proven Video Ideas + Automated Teleprompter

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    Instagram REELS for Realtors MADE EASY with A.I. - Proven Video Ideas + Automated Teleprompter

    Are you a real estate agent looking to leverage Instagram to attract clients and establish yourself as a top-of-mind agent? In this article, I will show you how to make it incredibly simple by using chat GPT for realtors. With the help of Artificial Intelligence, we'll create a complete Instagram Reels strategy that will engage your audience and bring in clients.

    Step 1: Generating Video Ideas with Chat GPT

    Using chat GPT, we can train the AI to provide us with a list of video topics for our Instagram Reels. We start by engaging with GPT and asking for 12 video topics that can be used to create 30-second videos. For example, you can say:

    "I'm a licensed realtor in Calgary, Alberta, and I post short videos on Instagram. The goal of these videos is to educate people about why they should move to Calgary, what they need to know about living here, and what it's like living here. Please provide me a list of 12 video topics that could be used to create 30-second videos for Instagram."

    Once you receive the list of topics from chat GPT, you can choose one to start with.

    Step 2: Creating Video Scripts with Big View Teleprompter

    Once you have the video topic, we can create a compelling script using Big View, an AI-powered teleprompter tool for your phone. First, copy the script provided by chat GPT and send it to yourself. Then, download the Big View app on your phone and paste the script into the tool.

    With Big View, you can easily record your video while having the script displayed on your phone as a teleprompter. This ensures you stay on track and deliver your message effectively. The app also allows you to trim and edit your video, add subtitles and text overlays, and provide various styling options.

    Follow the prompts in the app to record your video using the provided script. You can redo takes if necessary and customize the captions and style to align with your preference. Once you're satisfied with the video, you can download it onto your phone.

    Step 3: Posting and Sharing Your Videos

    Now that you have your video ready, you can upload it to your Instagram Reels. You can either connect Big View directly to your social media profiles or download the video file and upload it natively.

    By consistently posting engaging videos on Instagram Reels, you'll be able to attract clients at scale. Remember to chat with chat GPT for each of the 12 video topics to create a comprehensive video strategy for the month.


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    1. How does chat GPT help real estate agents create an Instagram strategy? Chat GPT can generate a list of video topics for Instagram Reels, helping real estate agents create engaging content. It offers ideas and suggestions based on your input, saving time in brainstorming and content creation.

    2. What is Big View Teleprompter and how does it assist real estate agents? Big View Teleprompter is an AI-powered tool that provides real estate agents with a teleprompter on their phone. It displays the script while recording a video, ensuring agents stay on track and deliver a compelling message. It also offers editing features and styling options to enhance the videos.

    3. How often should real estate agents post on Instagram Reels? Posting at least three times a week on short-form content like Instagram Reels is recommended. Consistency is key in engaging with the audience and attracting potential clients. However, agents can adjust the frequency based on their availability and goals.

    4. Can real estate agents customize the scripts generated by chat GPT? Yes, real estate agents can provide feedback to chat GPT to modify the tone or language of the generated scripts. By chatting and refining the output, agents can align the scripts with their preferred style and ensure they represent their brand accurately.

    5. Is it necessary to use Big View Teleprompter, or can real estate agents use other teleprompter tools? While Big View Teleprompter is an effective tool specifically designed for real estate agents, agents can explore other teleprompter tools that suit their preferences and needs. The key is to find a tool that allows you to easily read your script while recording your videos.

    Remember, leveraging Instagram Reels as a real estate agent can elevate your visibility and attract clients. With the help of AI tools like chat GPT and Big View Teleprompter, you can simplify the process and create engaging content effortlessly.

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