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    Intro Maker Update - October 2022 - New Video Templates - Customize at

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    Intro Maker Update - October 2022 - New Video Templates - Customize at

    It's time for another update on Intro Maker, with a focus on various new features and improvements to the site. The agenda includes small site updates, a special coupon to celebrate reaching 500 subscribers, discussions on YouTube strategy, and the unveiling of 10 new video templates for the month.

    Starting with minor site updates, categories have been expanded to include a new "quotes" category with custom-built templates. Additionally, outdated articles in the footer have been replaced with new SEO-focused content. A new feature to remove the Intro Maker logo from final renders has also been introduced to address user concerns.

    In celebration of reaching 500 subscribers, a coupon code has been issued to provide a $ 50 discount on individual renders throughout October. Users can easily apply the coupon in their account settings before checkout.

    As for future plans, the site owner aims to enhance their YouTube presence to engage with customers and improve their platform knowledge. However, balancing video creation with site automation remains a consideration to maintain efficiency and potential future site sale value.


    • Intro Maker
    • Site updates
    • Coupon code
    • YouTube strategy
    • Video templates
    • User experience


      1. How can users apply the coupon code on Intro Maker? Customers can apply the coupon code by signing in and going to their account settings before checkout.
      1. What are the new features introduced in the October update? The October update includes a new "quotes" category, SEO-focused articles, and a logo removal feature for final renders.
      1. What is the significance of reaching 500 subscribers on Intro Maker? Reaching 500 subscribers prompted the issuance of a special $ 50 discount coupon for individual renders throughout October.

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