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    Intro to Synthesia: Making Your First Video

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    Intro to Synthesia: Making Your First Video

    Take a seat in your director's chair because it's time to get started making your first video. As your guide, I'll talk you through the process from start to finish. We'll begin by adding a template and a few scenes to guide the project. Choose an actor, add your script, change a few visuals, and then we're ready to generate and share our production. When you start a new project, you can choose from one of the many templates our designers have created. Think of templates like a recipe; they provide the instructions and ingredients that you'll use to create your video. If you're new to video production, starting with a template is a great way to begin.

    First, click on the plus button to add a template or select from default layouts. Add each layout to your project by clicking the add scene button. For example, building a training video in six scenes could include a title layout to introduce the video, an agenda scene, body slides with pictures and stock footage, and a recap scene to conclude with a call to action.

    Now that your scenes are added, you can find an actor to bring your video to life.


    • Video production
    • Templates
    • Scenes
    • Script
    • Visuals
    • Actor


    1. How do templates help in video production? Templates provide a structured starting point for creating videos by offering pre-designed layouts and scenes that can be customized according to the project's needs.

    2. Can I modify the scenes and visuals in the template? Yes, templates in Synthesia can be customized by adding or removing scenes, changing visuals, and adding your own script to tailor the video to your specific requirements.

    3. Is it necessary to use an actor in my video production? While using an actor is common in video production, Synthesia allows you to choose whether to include an actor or use other visual elements to convey your message.

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