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    Introducing Gen-2: Text to Video | Runway

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    Introducing Gen-2: Text to Video | Runway

    Not too long ago, Runway pushed the boundaries of generative AI with Gen 1, a video-to-video model that allows users to generate new videos using words and images from existing ones. Since its launch, the model has continuously improved in terms of temporal consistency, fidelity, and overall results. With more people gaining access to it, new creative use cases have been unlocked. Now, Runway is thrilled to introduce its latest breakthrough - Gen 2. This new model enables users to generate videos solely from text, without the need for a driving video or input image. Gen 2 marks a significant research milestone and a monumental leap forward for generative AI, offering the capability for anyone to create entire worlds, animations, and stories. Stay tuned for Gen 2's release on

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    1. What is Gen 1 and its significance? Gen 1 is a video-to-video model introduced by Runway that allows users to generate new videos using words and images from existing ones. Its improvements in temporal consistency and fidelity have led to the unlocking of new creative possibilities.

    2. How does Gen 2 differ from Gen 1? Gen 2 takes a major leap forward by offering text-to-video generation capabilities, eliminating the need for a driving video or input image. This latest milestone represents a significant advancement for generative AI.

    3. Where can users access Gen 2 and try out its features? Gen 2 will be soon available on for users to experience the power of generating videos solely from text. Stay updated for its release for a chance to explore limitless creativity.

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