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    Introduction to Video Analytics in 5 minutes

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    Introduction to Video Analytics in 5 minutes

    Today, the use of video images is prevalent in our surroundings, with cities and technologies advancing rapidly. Various mobile equipment, black boxes, and CCTV cameras are widely utilized, providing us with a plethora of information. However, sifting through vast amounts of video data to extract specific information and respond effectively to situations has become increasingly challenging. To address this issue, Samsung SDS has introduced video analytics that can analyze video footage and offer tailored information to clients. Let's delve into how Samsung SDS video analytics works in real-life scenarios.

    In one instance, a child goes missing in a crowded shopping mall, prompting the need to locate her efficiently amid numerous surveillance cameras. By leveraging features such as complex events search and visual query functions, Samsung SDS video analytics enables the swift identification of the missing child through facial recognition and whitelist tracking. In another scenario, the software is employed to predict and manage illegal demonstrations at a public square using event grouping and complex event processing functions, thereby enhancing security measures.

    Samsung SDS video analytics goes beyond mere video data collection by incorporating object, face, and license plate recognition capabilities. This sophisticated tool can be applied across various sectors like urban surveillance, retail, manufacturing, healthcare, and finance, providing valuable insights to organizations. Through successful implementations in projects like the Moscow Safe City and Hye-won Resort Casino, Samsung SDS has demonstrated its prowess in video analytics solutions. The company continues to enhance the accuracy of analysis and expedite data processing by integrating diverse sensors and devices with video feeds.



    Video analytics, Samsung SDS, facial recognition, complex event processing, urban surveillance, tailored information.


    1. How does Samsung SDS video analytics assist in locating missing individuals in crowded environments?
    2. In what sectors can Samsung SDS video analytics be applied for data analysis and insights?
    3. What features of Samsung SDS video analytics enhance security measures in public spaces?

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