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    Jordan Peterson Warns the U.S. Govt. on AI

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    Jordan Peterson Warns the U.S. Govt. on AI

    In a recent video, renowned psychologist and cultural commentator Dr. Jordan Peterson sounded a stark warning about the potential dangers posed by artificial intelligence (AI) systems. Peterson emphasized that 30 years ago, AI was not a major concern, but nowadays the technology has advanced to such a level that it could accurately predict individuals' voting patterns with 95% accuracy by analyzing their digital footprints. The rapid pace at which invasive technology is being developed, in conjunction with the growing collaboration between large corporations and government, is seen as a direct threat to the integrity of sovereign citizenship.

    Peterson highlighted the unprecedented capabilities of AI systems, noting that they have the potential to surpass human imagination in both their current and future functions. The collusion between powerful entities and the unchecked growth of AI technology could lead to a future where privacy, democracy, and individual autonomy are severely compromised. The implications of these developments are particularly concerning for those who are wary of the influence exerted by large corporations and the government.


    • Jordan Peterson
    • AI systems
    • Predictive capabilities
    • Digital footprints
    • Invasive technology
    • Sovereign citizenship
    • Collaboration between corporations and government
    • Privacy concerns
    • Threat to democracy
    • Individual autonomy


    • Why is Jordan Peterson warning about AI systems? Peterson believes that the rapid advancement of AI technology, coupled with the collaboration between corporations and government, poses a significant threat to individual privacy and democratic principles.
    • What are the concerns related to AI's predictive capabilities? The ability of AI systems to accurately predict voting patterns based on individuals' digital footprints raises concerns about the erosion of privacy and potential manipulation of democratic processes.
    • How does collaboration between corporations and government influence the development of AI technology? The collaboration between these entities may result in the unchecked growth of invasive technology, leading to a future where individuals' autonomy and the integrity of sovereign citizenship are at risk.

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