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    JungKook's HOTTEST TikTok THIRST TRAPS EDITS that Will Make You Scream!

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    JungKook's HOTTEST TikTok THIRST TRAPS EDITS that Will Make You Scream!

    Foreign I have tattoos like I said but I want more tattoos but guys your tattoos are so it's something else girls too when girls have tattoo I love it but we're gonna watch some jungle just him there's trap edits yeah it's so nice when I get and I take a shower read a book and feel empowered smoking on it I when I found out that jungko's tattoos I was I'm not gonna I was very shocked because you know in Korea we're just Asian culture in general getting tattoo is kind of like back in the days way back in the days it is like you're in the gang where you do something dangerous you're violent you're a troublemaker all those Etc right and I was shocked when I I don't got a tattoo but I feel like the tradition has changed as time's going by tattoos are more for Aesthetics it's you know it's hot people get it for Aesthetics this was my first tattoo over here Roman numerals I was I think I was 18 19 my parents quick story time I had to hide this from my parents for uh three months how I hid my tattoo was I told them I used to work as a cook at a sushi restaurant and I told them that I burnt uh this area so I had to like band this wrapped around it and initially my parents believed it because you know things happen but over time you know when you scar yourself it heals I didn't remove my bandage for over three months obviously when I'm out from I'll take it out but when the with them I put it on right my parents got sauce they got suspicious and eventually they found out they were upset like I already got it like what what can you do it's better to just apologize and to ask Jungkook in my opinion he leveled up like he became a sad yeah it's so nice denial is a river in Egypt your husband is gay [Music] touching my pain in my notes clutch The Remains wow [Music] I'm telling you right now Jungkook he leveled up he upgraded low-key this clip reminding me of Christian you I'm not gonna lie because Christian you is Christian has long hair he used to have a very long hair this this shot right here you can see jungle's full sleeve long here kind of reminds me of Christian you but oh man Jungkook tattoo is is it's really something else yeah are they waiting for Jungle grade oh my God [Music] he's so shy [Music] such a shy guy look at those people running [Music] oh my God what the heck [Music] foreign [Music] oh my God I did I love Jungkook with that hair like it was a bit of a curly hair and it's black and also black outfit I think jungle looks really good even him drinking water he just reminds me of water if you think about Avatar there's water fire stone and air right Jungkook is he's water he's drinking water because he's water I don't know how someone how does someone drink water so attractively showing [Music] [Applause] oh my God the way he took his jacket off looks like Jung is really tired and you can see his tattoos I'm telling you I'll say it as much as as much as I want okay tattoos I feel like tattoos not everyone can pull it off but jungle he can definitely pull it off that's fast jungle when his tattoos aren't showing right he looks like a nice soft boy wholesome guy Shazam when you show this tattoo it's kind of like oh I I'm not expect this from you my favorite part of the choreography [Music] oh you're so aggressive [Music] wow [Music] I see a pattern I see a pattern whoever edited this I see what you did I see what you did Jungle being aggressive I mean any hot guys being aggressive is nice to watch it's nice right but if you you know kind of assess critique analyze these videos it says what my favorite part of the choreography one common thing that I can find I'm sure y'all can notice it too is most of them have a humping motion right look I'm not gonna say nothing let's let [Music] oh oh [Music] I don't blame you whoever edited this I don't blame you I get it no I really do get it [Music]

    [Music] oh done yo this this video gave off a very main character Vibe for Jungkook he looks like a boss but the part that caught me the most was when he was in in his in his convertible car open car right with you see his tattoos right here with the shades on like he looks like he looks like a a Yakuza a bad boy Playboy and also the part where he's in uh he's in a uh uh looks like a fancy luxury car in a suit with short hair like he's a CEO going to a business meeting to close some deals a billion dollar deal when when when can I be like Jungkook man [Music] who is [Music] I think this was dunk was taking Boxing class because you can see his boxing glove gloves or the wrap I feel like doing kind of phase where like he started getting like piercings like he got his eyeball pierced and also he got his lip pierced right why you gotta lick it like that jungle why you gotta lick it like that jungle chill that'd be true he leveled up for sure tattoo iron piercing lip piercing boxing now too like he's boxing jungle group trying to beat up I volunteer as tribute you can beat me up [Music] I like this one whoa she killed herself [Music] yo wait when did he say this was he live where do people get these clips he said oh I don't want to wash up I'm lazy who wants to bathe me jungle I volunteers tribute [Music] oh my God [Music] oh my God thank you jungle level no no no Jungkook leveled up this dude is a man now like he is a he is the man he's a zaddy he's a daddy I feel like I have to beat this are doing their own thing you know sugar doing his own thing Jin's in the military RM something about Jungkook just changed this dude is a man now his body I'm aware that jungkook's been doing some boxing okay I've seen some footages he's good I don't know what I I don't know what I don't she leveled up in life oh my look at this Glimpse look at this little shot showing his abs his v-line oh he dude he is different it's just unfair as a man it's unfair that God has faith let's move on hi oh my God having fun [Music] yo what happened to Jungkook I feel like I don't know this jungle you can tell that he is he is confident with his body to the point where he is shooting I don't know sponsor advertisement showing his oh my look at this you can see his abs those jean jackets is this just me or are you guys feeling this too I kept saying this Jungkook reminds me of water now he's ice like he has level up and then turn it into what I got her to be who I said [Music] in my painting what happened to each other I'm sorry guys I'm really sorry I just can't stop staying at this picture let's move on is this man seriously phoning these boxes if I'm not performing whoa [Music] wait wait hold on before I continue where are people watching live of I guess jungle what's the website called how are people watching jungle just live [Music] oh I know why he's doing it I know why he's doing it it's it's a it's it's a marketing strategy you know he's you know Calvin Klein is I'm pretty sure jungkook's uh he's an ambassador right so I'm pretty sure it's a marketing strategy there's no way uh jungle could just follow these boxers in front of literally over a million it seems like there's over a million views he wouldn't do that it's a marketing strategy which is a genius idea he's working from home I don't know if the uh I don't know if the Calvin Klein company contacted jungle do me a favor yeah I want you junkie when you're live the next time just follow the Calvin Klein underwear you know just fold it casually and I'll pay you 10 million dollars I'm just saying I'm just saying don't go gets different I like this Jungkook he's just different that is it guys thank you so much for watching I love you guys from the harmony bottom see you soon peace [Music]


    • Jungkook
    • Tattoos
    • Aesthetics
    • Korean culture
    • Boxing
    • Calvin Klein
    • Sponsorship


    1. What is the significance of tattoos in Korean culture?
    2. How has Jungkook's image transformed over time?
    3. Why did Jungkook start getting piercings and involve himself in boxing?
    4. What marketing strategy did Jungkook employ during a live video?

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