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    Kapwing Tutorial: How to Use the Kapwing's Online Video Editor

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    Kapwing Tutorial: How to Use the Kapwing's Online Video Editor

    Kapwing is an online video editor that simplifies the content creation process for creators and teens. With AI-powered tools and templates designed for social media content, Kapwing helps you automate tedious editing tasks and create content faster. In this tutorial, we will walk you through the process of using Kapwing, from uploading your footage to editing, adding overlays, subtitles, and more. Whether you're a beginner or experienced creator, Kapwing makes video editing accessible to everyone.

    Uploading and Getting Started

    To get started, visit Kapwing's website and sign in to your free account. You can sign in using your Google or Facebook account, or by providing your email. Once you're signed in, you'll be taken to your workspace, where all your videos, photos, and projects are stored. If you're working with a team, you can invite members to collaborate on projects.

    To start a new project, click the "Create" button and upload your footage. You can drag and drop your files into the editor or paste a link to a video from YouTube, TikTok, or other platforms. Kapwing also allows you to start with a blank canvas by choosing from a variety of aspect ratios. Once your footage is uploaded, it will populate the timeline, and you can begin editing.

    Manual Video Editing

    Before diving into manual editing, it's important to familiarize yourself with Ripple mode. Ripple mode automatically moves the entire video down the timeline when you make cuts or trims, keeping everything in sync. You can enable or disable Ripple mode by clicking the Ripple mode button.

    To manually edit your video, you can trim the clips by dragging the ends or split a clip into smaller sections using the split button or the hotkey "S". By clicking off the clip and using the resize canvas button, you can also adjust the aspect ratio of your project, making it fit for various social media platforms.

    Automatic Video Editing

    Kapwing offers an AI-powered smart cut tool that automatically identifies and removes silences in your video. To use this feature, select the clip you want to edit, go to the AI tools submenu, and click on "Smart Cut". Adjust the sensitivity to your preference and click "Done". The tool will analyze your video and remove any highlighted sections that correspond to silences.

    Adding Text and Subtitles

    To add text to your video, click on the text button in the left sidebar. You can choose from pre-designed styles or customize the text by selecting different fonts. Kapwing also offers an AI-powered subtitles tool that can generate captions for your video. Click on the subtitles tab, choose to generate subtitles automatically or manually enter them, and edit the timing and content as needed. You can also animate the subtitles by selecting different animation styles.

    Adding B-roll, Audio, and Transitions

    Kapwing provides access to a library of images and videos that you can use as B-roll in your project. You can search for images or videos using the appropriate tabs in the left sidebar and drag them into the editor. You can also add elements like shapes, emojis, progress bars, etc., from the elements tab.

    For audio, you can upload your own files, paste a URL, or use Kapwing's library of music and sound effects. Kapwing even offers an AI-powered tool to clean audio by reducing background noise and removing pops and clicks.

    Transitions are another useful feature in Kapwing. You can find various transition styles in the transitions tab and drag them between clips or at the beginning or end of a clip to smoothly transition between scenes.

    Exporting and Sharing

    Once you've completed your video, you can export it by clicking the export project button in the top right corner. Kapwing offers different export settings, including various file types and resolutions, depending on your needs. Pro users have access to additional features like storing files in the cloud, unlimited subtitling, and more.

    You can also share projects with team members by inviting them to your workspace. Collaborators can leave comments, make edits, and work on projects simultaneously, streamlining the editing process.


    Kapwing tutorial highlights the various features and tools available in Kapwing's online video editor. From manual and automatic video editing to adding text, subtitles, B-roll, audio, transitions, and exporting/sharing options, Kapwing offers a comprehensive platform for content creation. Whether you're a beginner or experienced creator, Kapwing makes video editing accessible and efficient.

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    Q1: Can I access Kapwing for free?
    A1: Yes, anyone can get started with Kapwing for free. Signing up for a free account allows you to create and edit videos with access to basic features.

    Q2: How can I collaborate with others on a project?
    A2: If you want to work with others on a project, you can invite team members to your workspace. This enables you to store files together, work simultaneously, leave feedback, and collaborate efficiently.

    Q3: What additional features do Kapwing Pro users have?
    A3: Kapwing Pro offers premium features such as larger project sizes, unlimited storage, unlimited automatic subtitling, custom fonts, higher resolution exports, and the ability to store files in the cloud.

    Q4: Can I animate subtitles in Kapwing?
    A4: Yes, Kapwing provides an animation feature for subtitles. You can choose from different animation styles to make your captions more engaging and visually appealing.

    Q5: Can I add my own music or sound effects to my videos in Kapwing?
    A5: Absolutely! Kapwing allows you to upload your own audio files or choose from their library of music and sound effects. This gives you the flexibility to enhance your videos with the desired audio elements.

    (FAQ Created by OpenAI - GPT-3)

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