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    Kid Fried Rice

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    Kid Fried Rice

    In a recent cooking video, a young boy takes on the challenge of making egg fried rice with enthusiasm and determination. He showcases his chopping skills with spring onions and decides to forego a scooper, opting to use a knife to minimize mess. The young chef cracks eggs with expertise, adds in soy sauce, garlic, and onions, and carefully incorporates rice into the mix. Not forgetting the green part of the spring onion, he impressively creates a dish that Uncle Roger would approve of.


    Egg fried rice, young chef, cooking skills, spring onion, knife technique, Uncle Roger approval


    1. Who is the protagonist of the video script? The young boy is the main character, demonstrating his cooking skills in making egg fried rice.

    2. What ingredients are used in the dish? The dish includes eggs, rice, spring onions, soy sauce, garlic, and onions.

    3. How does the young chef showcase his knife skills? The boy opts to use a knife instead of a scooper, showcasing his chopping and cooking abilities while minimizing mess.

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